Monday, August 18, 2014

Let It Go!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Last night was a very fun event at our church.  The Frozen sing-a-long.  Preston went an hour early to help set up.  Set up included scooping ice-cream and setting out a topping buffet!
Here Lillie is admiring the toppings.  Hmm...  what combo looks the best?  I think Preston helped scoop over 50 bowls of ice-cream, and they may have run out and scooped more.
Before ice-cream and the movie, it was snow-globes.
Preston and I helped with the whipped toppings.
Movie time.  Half the fun was watching all the littles (many dressed up like Elsa) singing to all the popular music pieces.  You could tell a few of the adults wished they could go up front and belt out some Frozen tracks too.  Many of the littlest viewers left after the Let It Go song in the movie, but many stayed till the end.
Lillie did a reading and Preston helped set up.  As a gift they received this Frozen Poster.  We went out and purchased a poster frame and now it is hanging in our purple room.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Nice Frozen poster! We love Frozen and singing along, too!

Amber said...

We were listening to Frozen the other day in the car and Aurora got SO MAD at me because I was singing along and she wanted to be the ONLY one singing. "I wanted to be Anna!" Well, I would've just been Elsa if she'd asked. I love belting out the Frozen soundtrack!!! And, now I want ice cream...