Tuesday, August 26, 2014

JOAD Champ!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Blog post number two for today.  Over the weekend I took Hansen to a large archery tournament for kids.  The WA state JOAD.  Most the tournaments he shoots in are for all ages.  This one the parents just sat around all day and watched.  While it was fun to sit around and watch all day, I am glad I have a bow and can shoot in the others.
Warming up before the event starts.  Most the kids in this competition use recurve bows, but some use compounds.
Hansen and Emily were on the same target.  A big part of archery is the scoring.  You can see in this picture just how accurate excellent archers can be.
After the last target of the day was scored.  These two both won their classifications.  If I'm not mistaken, Emily beat Hansen for the first time this day.  She had just got back from winning the National Fields and the World Field tournaments in South Dakota and is quickly becoming one of the best female archers in her age group anywhere.
Goofing off afterwards with some archery friends.
Picking up his award!  Great shooting Hansen!

See you tomorrow.

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