Wednesday, August 06, 2014

It was fun until I needed to golf! -Lillie

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday around noon Preston wanted to know if I wanted to go golfing.  I think I said "no", followed by something in the line of, "unless you can get Lillie to be your caddie."  Within about 20 seconds he had somehow convinced Lillie that golfing was what she wanted to be doing.  Maybe it was the box of candy?  Hmm.  As it turned out, Lillie was not interested in being a caddie, she wanted to golf.  So I pulled down her old golf clubs, which were her size last summer, and now are way too small...then put together a new set of clubs for her to use from my vast inventory of golf clubs and we were off.
On the first tee I snapped this picture.  Everyone was happy to be golfing!  I figured this happy mood may not last beyond the first few holes.
Team scramble.  Preston and Lillie vs. Hansen and myself.  Lillie did great the first few holes.  Then it was survival mode for Slurpees.
Hansen's form is looking good.  His ball flight may not always follow.  But it's getting there.  Up near the green we were all ducking as his ball decided to hit a sign and fly back at us at full speed.  Ducking, and laughing.
This shot put team Preston/Lillie in the lead for a bit.  A 223 yard bullet with a 4 iron that climbed with just hint of draw and gently dropped about 4 feet from the hole.  Seriously one of the best golf shots I've ever witnessed.  In real life I've only seen four other people hit shots as quality as this shot.  They are Fred Couples, Ernie Els, Payne Stewart, and Koll Farman.  I have never had the talent to hit such a shot.  I had just missed the green short right from about the same spot with my 4-wood.
How many more holes do we have to golf?  Maybe next time she can ride in a cart and read a book?  That was Maren's suggestion on how to enjoy golf:)

See you tomorrow.

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