Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Into the Sunset.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Is this the forth post for today?  Yes, I think it is.

Sunday was a beautiful day around here.  As August winds down, it is important to enjoy every nice day you can because six months of rain is right around the corner.  I decided to take Preston to Elk Run for some golfing.  While I've known Elk Run is scheduled to close at the end of October, it didn't really hit me until Sunday.  When we walked in the pro-shop, it was completely empty of merchandise.  Empty!  And Sad. As in I was sad the first few holes as I know this may be the very last time I golf Elk Run.  Elk Run was my first golf job and really the people there were like family.  I know all the in's and out's of the course.  I could probably play it with my eyes closed.  Closing the course is fine, and probably good in the long run.  It will be the sight of the new Tahoma High School.
While the building is empty, the course is being maintained very well.
A perfect drive in the smack middle of the fairway on hole five.  Preston took the lead after hole two, which spurred me on to a very impressive four hole run of excellent golfing.  I've still got this golf thing working for me.
Preston hitting his drive into a beautiful sunset on hole seven.  I will miss this golf course.
On the back nine we picked up a cart and joined neighbors and long time golf friends Jay and Brenda.  I gave Brenda golf lessons when she first started the game fifteen years ago.  Sunday she had a great round of golf, winning all the money!  One day, probably twenty years ago, a small air plane landed on this green in a failed attempt to make the local airport.  Crazy huh?  I'm guessing this section of the course will become houses.  There is a chance I play Elk Run one more time, but if not, this was a great day!

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

I just caught up on your blog for at least 5 or more days, and I must say you keep us all very well informed. One thing that caught my eye was the book report on "Night" that Hansen had to do. I thought I had given you a copy. Your grandpa had many copies so he could give them to people who hadn't read the book. He taught it in his classes also. I'm glad Maren found a copy. All of the things you have been doing are just great, instruments, movies, helping in church, etc. etc. It's sad about your friend with MS. Hope he deals with it. And yes, Robin Williams' death was a shock
and so.o sad. Billy Crystal memorialized him on the Emmy's last night. Well, I have gone on and on. I agree with Stef that your blogs have been really great
keep them coming (I look forward to pictures of Preston,........

Ellen said...

Yes, it's sad about Elk Run closing. We just found out that the golf course our new Florida condo is built on, Hillcrest, is in negotiations to be sold to a developer and will probably only be open one more year, if that. We may end up with townhouses in back of our building instead of a pretty golf course - tsk! I guess it's happening all over - but it's too bad. We know how much Elk Run means to you.