Friday, August 01, 2014

I chose the Apple Turnover.

Good morning, it is Friday.

While I love Fridays, I'm sad that July is over.  I could live in July forever!  Welp, August is not so bad either.

Yesterday started as an errand day, and ended up being a fun day for sure.  We (Hansen, Lillie, and myself) ended up at the Black Diamond Bakery.  Hmm...what looks good?
This looks good!  After this snack Lillie really wanted to check out the gift shop.  Only the gift shop was closed for lunch, so we passed the time with an exciting game of:
Shoots and Ladders!  Hansen won both games.  Lillie wouldn't agree that it was "skill", but somehow I believe Hansen would have won every game we played.  I'm good with skill.  Once the shop was opened we found all kinds of goodies.  I wouldn't have spent nearly so much money, but I have to give credit to the shop owner who was very fun to talk to.  She had a gift of gab for sure.  Lillie ended up with a "L" necklace made from a Coke can.  Hansen found a necklace with a bullet that somehow he knows everything about.  And I found some lip gloss for Maren.
In the evening it was twilight golfing with Hansen.  And watching Big Brother on TV.

See you tomorrow.

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