Saturday, August 02, 2014

Dun, Dun, Dun...

Good afternoon, it is Saturday.

Yesterday Lillie, Hansen, and I went downtown Seattle to play tourist.  Seattle is a great place in the summer for sure.
We started with a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island.  I really do think the ferry is the best view of Seattle that there is.  Of course, looking down at the jelly fish is good too!
Pizza and a soda on the island.  We came across a "wishing tree" on Bainbridge.  This wish wins!  I guess I'm team Bloom.
On the ferry back to Seattle we got the see the Blue Angles fly over a few times!  Totally cool!  The kids were jaded because, you know, the Blue Angles are here most every Seafair.  Whateves...I think it very cool.
Along with the Blue Angles, a couple of Navy ships are in port.
Sailors in their white uniforms were all over the city.  We were hoping to get a Frappuccino at the first Starbucks, but the line was WAY too long.  We did hit a Starbucks on the drive home, but out of Seattle for sure.
Of course, before going to Pike Place Market or Starbucks, we went on a quick tour of the Seattle Aquarium.  Otters are still the big hit!  We watched this guy for several minutes and Lillie was very happy.
She must not be the only Otter lover out there.  Check out these shirts from the gift shop:  Harry Otter and The Otters Strike Back!  Oh my.
One last strange sighting for you.  This is the underpass right across from the aquarium right next to the parking garage below Pike Place.  It is not cheap parking lot, but the convenience is great.  And the goats!  Yes.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Seriously jealous - I love everything about this outing (including the Blue Angels) and I wish we could've been there!

Ellen said...

Sounds like a nice day - but what in the world are the goats doing there?