Saturday, July 19, 2014

What? No ice-cream?

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Hansen and I spent a long day at the WSAA State Target Championship.  This is a couple of very long days of shooting.  Two 900 rounds.  90 arrows.  Just like last week, only the state meet.  I didn't get any good pics today, but I've got plenty of other stuff to show you.  I also don't have any pictures of Preston's fundraiser at Applebee's.  He and his mission group served breakfast and waited tables and such.  Preston and his Youth Group will be going to San Francisco in a week and they have raised enough money to mostly cover the whole trip!

Now for more fun:
Or not fun.  Lillie and I went on a walk to Home Depot and then to U-top-it.  Only, as you see here, the ice-cream shop was closed!  Closed!  We even had to crawl under a fence (with a gap about an inch too tight for comfort) just to escape the neighborhood and cross over to the retail world.  Luckily there is a coffee shop next door that sold yummy smoothies.
Wednesday at John and Carol's house Thursday Lillie and the twins did tattoos!  Lillie is covered in these fun tattoos like this one on her hand.  And as you can tell, she is painting a tattoo on me.
Yes, Lillie made this very fancy collage of school supplies.  Her brothers think she has lost a marble or two because ,with summer about half way over, Lillie is ready for school to start again!  When can we go school shopping?  Oh My.  I'd rather go golfing.
And golfing I've been.  Last night Hansen, Preston, and I went out for some twilight golf.  Hansen is doing a great job learning golf, and Preston is starting to beat me on a few holes each round.  Twilight golf is great.  Cheap and not too crowded.  I will be teaching jr. camp next week for the first time in a few years, should be fun.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Tsk about the ice cream!