Monday, July 21, 2014

Target Championships.

Good morning, it is Monday.

This morning I'm recovering from a long weekend by relaxing, blogging, watching replays of the Open Championship, and watching the Tour De France.  If I was younger (like any of my kids) I'd be sleeping.  If Maren had a blog, she would probably write about her weekend without Hansen and I.  Maybe going to church, getting a haircut, doing some shopping, and who knows what else.  Too bad it's not her blog, because you now just get to read about archery:)

This weekend brought two full days of archery tournament.  The WSAA Target Championships.  Two 900 rounds.  In the wind.  Lots of wind.
This was a picture from my first target from 60 yards yesterday.  See the arrow that is in the very very center?  Yeah, that was my first shot of the day!  And my best shot of the day.  Maybe the best shot of my life.  They call that a pin wheel.  Take a look at this target, the very center is an X (which is missing due to my arrow), then 10 and 9 rings in yellow, 8 and 7 rings in red, and so on.  Then figure for each day we shoot 90 shots, 30 from 60 yards, 30 from 50 yards, and 30 from 40 yards.  So 180 shots over two days.  Now factor in such strong wind gusts that it was hard to hold your bow steady, and aiming was very tricky.  Yesterday Hansen had only 3 shots stray from the yellow ring all day.  Amazing.  I had more than that number of red rings in my first dozen shots!
Here is a picture of Hansen with his main competitors on either side of him.  The young man on Hansen's left (Michael is in the red, down from Everett area) is an indoor specialist and holds the state record for this event.  The young man on the right (Braden is in blue shoes up from Centralia area) is the one who won last week's Subway games.  At the end of the first day, these three were in the same standings as in this picture.  Michael was in the lead by a couple of points over Hansen who was a dozen points over Braden.  The second day saw Hansen take the lead while Braden was catching up quickly.  Braden went on such a run that he passed both Hansen and Michael and missed the state record by just one point!  In the end Braden is your state champion, Hansen is runner up, and Michael took third.  Hansen said it was so fun watching Braden shoot so well.  Hansen said he was rooting Braden on the whole way hoping he would in fact break the state record!  Both Michael's and Braden's parents were there watching the event, while I was 11 targets to the left shooting my own game, so I only heard how it was going during breaks.  Braden's parents told me afterwards what a great kid Hansen is and how encouraging the kids were of each other, while wanting to to their best.  Nice words for sure.  Super!  These three were way ahead of the rest of their competition, in fact, if any of them would have decided to compete up a class with the young adults rather than the youth, any of them would be state champions as they all beat the older age group by 60 points.
Hansen with his second place plaque and Braden with his first place plaque.  Nice job guys!  These two look like they are on the same team.  Privateers dressed in black.  At these tournaments you see groups of folks in team jerseys supporting local shops or archery companies.  Maybe some day Hansen will join a team, but for now being on our own, choosing our own equipment and tournaments works best for us.

See you tomorrow.

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