Thursday, July 10, 2014


Good afternoon, it is Thursday.

Preston and I just got back from golfing with friends at Druids Glen.  Today is 710 day.  Kiro sports radio is broadcasting from the course and the green fees are just $7.10!  What a great deal.  We even got to talk to Brock Huard and see Jim Zorn.  Brock came out and talked to us for a few minutes, he asked to see our score card.  He says, "who is Julian?...pretty good golfer!  Barry, not bad either."  Then he looks at Preston and says, "You must be Preston?  You look like a Preston.  And Mark, he is done right?"  Brock Huard is a very big guy in real life, I think I came up to his chin.
Here is Preston on hole two.  Can you see Mt. Rainier in the background?  Just a beautiful day, and we all golfed pretty well.

Yesterday Preston and some of his friends went to Alki beach.  The first picture is a giant hole they made, and the second picture is them standing in the hole as it got filled in.  Preston said it was so warm yesterday that the sand was literally too hot to walk on, but a few feet down it was nice and cool.
Yesterday Hansen and I rode bikes with Melanie again.  This time on the interurban trail.  We stopped on this bridge to take pictures.
This was one of the pictures Melanie took.  A few pics of Mt. Rainier on today's blog.  There is no doubt this is a beautiful area for the month or two of summer.  I try to let these images burn into my retinas so they last me the eight months of rain.
 This selfie of us riding turned out pretty cool.  I like all the straight lines.
Preston and Lillie both passed their eye exams with flying colors.  We may have to get Lillie some glasses with plain lenses.  LOL.
Yup, I dug out the Giant Jenga game!
And how is this for a sweet face to end today's blog with?  You don't mess with Maren when she is reading a book:)  Check out Lillie in the background...hammock for the win!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Wow, Mt. Rainier! Funny pic of Maren and Lillie in the hammock. Maren must be reading a book on Kindle - I don't see a book!