Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Even a Grasshopper.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday I brought Lillie to the pool to meet up with John, Carol, Jack, and Avery.  The three littles were spending the night with John and Carol and off to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium today.  In the parking lot John and Carol brought a few old lawn chairs over to my car.  They have been weeding through 45 years worth of stuff and I just may have let out a groan.
One of three matcher chairs.
After taking them out from the trunk and telling Maren about the treasures her mom left us with, Maren and Hansen hurried out to test them out.  What I didn't know was that Carol re-webbed these chairs just for us in Sounder/ Seahawks colors!  I take back my groan, these are now my favorite chairs!

We have very little communication with Preston on his youth mission trip to San Francisco.  But we've been peeking at a blog their leader has put together for this trip.
  Here Preston is soaking in the California sun.
How about a goofy picture of the group in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.  From what I can tell the kids are getting to have a lot of fun on this trip, but they are definitely spending their days doing good works too.

Sunday wrapped up the last archery tournament for a few weeks for Hansen and I.  My archery brain is tired, which is strange as I didn't even shoot on Sunday.  One of Hansen's friends (Braden, who beat Hansen the week before) accidentally dry-fired his bow Sunday morning at warm ups. This means he forgot to put an arrow in and released the bow.  It was a total fluke as we were all watching and none of us even noticed, until it was too late.  Without the energy being absorbed by an arrow, a compound bow basically explodes.  In Braden's case, the strings flew off and the bow was unusable.  Braden is a great kid who drove for an hour for this event.  So I decided to let him use my bow for the day and I just watched.  Braden shot my bow very well and hung on to win his division with Hansen coming in a close second.
This is the group we shot with.  We see the same folks at many archery tournaments and Hansen and the kids have all become friends.  While they live in different parts of the state, social media helps keep them connected.
Hansen taking a shot.
Braden using my bow.  While I've been wanting to blame my bow for my crummy shooting, Braden has proved to me that it's not the bow!
This last picture is from the pool last night.  Jack is putting the baby grasshopper he found on my head!  The grasshopper wasn't thinking my bald head was the place to be either.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Love the webbed chairs!

Amber said...

Cool chairs!