Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Disc Golf!

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

This post seems almost strange to write.  Why?  This post is all about a nice weather day, but today was anything but.  This morning from 5:45am to 7:30am is was thundering and lightning like crazy!  Then is rained the rest of the day.  This evening I taught jr. golf camp for the first time in years, luckily we had just enough breaks in the rain to survive.

Now to disc golf!  Preston took the littles and I disc golfing the other day.  Kind of, I took them and Preston was our guide and disc golf teacher.
On the way we had to get the emissions checked in the van.  Yay, it passed!
OK, throw the frisbee that way.  Where?
Uh, not down there!  Preston was kind enough to help Lillie find her frisbee...time and time again.
This is what the cup in frisbee golf looks like.  A basket.  It's in the hole!
This is how it's done!  Some folks take this game seriously!  They carry fancy butt bags with multiple frisbees, beverages of all kinds, and probably lunch too.  18 holes of frisbee golf takes longer than you'd think.  We (er, Lillian) couldn't make it around the whole course.  I think I'd enjoy this game, it is relaxing for sure.
There were pretty fancy things to look at on the disc golf course.  Painted Seahawks rocks and stumps with all kinds of beer bottle caps implanted in them.  Lots of artsy stuff I guess.
We did cross the street for a bit and visit the river.  Nope, no going in this river, its moving way too fast.
Finally done!  Yes, a trip to 7-11 to pick up slurpees was a perfect treat for this 85 degree day of golfing.

As much fun as Lillie had disc golfing, this is really how she would rather spend the day:
Just reading in the library!  Can you say Mini Maren?  I'm hoping this Zen book will somehow make my arrows fly straighter...

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Hm, very interesting about the disc golf.

Amber said...

There's a disc golf course down the street from us I think. What's Liilian reading?

Julian Slane said...

Right now Lillie is reading The Giver. The movie comes out soon and the rest of us have already read the book.