Monday, July 14, 2014

Christian and Miranda's Wedding.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Congratulations Christian and Miranda!

Friday evening our neighbor Christian got married.  No, Christian is not just like some neighbor, he is like one of the kids!  I think Christian was 7 months old when we moved in.  We have had some wonderful neighbors come and go (the Hughes and the Browns), but there have been a group of us that have been here for nearly 20 years!  Of the older kids we now have one married off, another graduated from college, and another is a mom herself.  Preston and Connor were the youngers for years and they will be seniors in high school next year!
This is Christian and Miranda being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Moore.  The event was held at a nice place in Issaquah called Pickering Barn.  There was also a nice ice-cream reception afterwards with speeches, dancing, and pictures.

While I took plenty of pictures of folks around the tables in the reception hall, these two are really my favorites.  This is the core group of kids that grew up in our cul-de-sac.  The cul-de-sac kids! I'd say this group of kids really honestly never lived anywhere else.  With college and jobs and such, this was the first time that this whole group has been back together for a long time.  

Here are just a couple of old pictures with some of these kiddos in them.  I'm sure the neighbors have even better pictures in their scrap books.  One summer, for probably two weeks straight, Preston and Christian beat video game after video game.  Preston was (still is) a very good gamer, but he was too young to read and Christian was beginning to be a pretty good reader.  So, for games like Zelda and Super Mario, Christian would do all the reading and Preston would do the controlling and they were a very good team.  That was the summer I learned that video games actually do have endings...
Jada, Ali, Lillie, and Kayla.
Yup, they even had a crazy dress up photo booth type place at the wedding.  I'm thinking most folks never made it over to this barn, look what they were missing!  Yes, that tie is on a stick.

See you tomorrow. 

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