Saturday, July 26, 2014

And They're Off.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Right now Maren is off at a play with her friend, Preston is somewhere with his youth group in-between here and San Francisco, and the littles are hanging at home with good old me.
This is the youth group that is on the road to San Francisco (Preston is in the front row in front of the "P").  I'm sure they will do great works and can't wait to here how the trip goes.  Of course they will be gone a week, so maybe just an update or two would be nice.
I volunteered my van for the mission trip.  I hear it was (still is) packed to the gills along with the church van.  I'm glad to be able to lend the van, but nope, I'm staying home.
Yesterday Hansen, Lillie, and I (yes, I do love the Oxford Comma) took a garage sale walk.  The walk ended up at the stores.  Actually at IHOP.  Usually I'm a Philly Steak Sandwich kind of a guy, but yesterday I had waffles.  Hansen likes his waffles too.
And I took Lillie out for ice-cream Thursday.  But this was well deserved as she had to get a few shots (vaccines) as to be ready for the 6th grade!  This evening her and I went to the pool for a couple of hours.  It is fun to hang out this this kiddo.
The first part of the day it was yet another archery tournament with Hansen.  This one is at our home club an very low key.  Low key doesn't mean small.  Bownanza is huge!  RV's and campers everywhere.  Gobs of archers.  All having fun.  Mostly.  This is a 3D shoot which means there are no marked yardages, typically small targets, and wacky creative shots.  Yes, this is Hansen shooting from a platform.  These are the types of shots I wish I could just using my golf I broke an arrow and lost two others.  AARG!  Speaking of golf, last night Jr. Golf camp ended up.  It was great to be teaching golf again, even in a camp format with 4 to 6 year olds.  Preston helped last night with the scramble.  He had a great time and was well compensated for his time to boot!

See you tomorrow.

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