Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Even a Grasshopper.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday I brought Lillie to the pool to meet up with John, Carol, Jack, and Avery.  The three littles were spending the night with John and Carol and off to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium today.  In the parking lot John and Carol brought a few old lawn chairs over to my car.  They have been weeding through 45 years worth of stuff and I just may have let out a groan.
One of three matcher chairs.
After taking them out from the trunk and telling Maren about the treasures her mom left us with, Maren and Hansen hurried out to test them out.  What I didn't know was that Carol re-webbed these chairs just for us in Sounder/ Seahawks colors!  I take back my groan, these are now my favorite chairs!

We have very little communication with Preston on his youth mission trip to San Francisco.  But we've been peeking at a blog their leader has put together for this trip.
  Here Preston is soaking in the California sun.
How about a goofy picture of the group in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.  From what I can tell the kids are getting to have a lot of fun on this trip, but they are definitely spending their days doing good works too.

Sunday wrapped up the last archery tournament for a few weeks for Hansen and I.  My archery brain is tired, which is strange as I didn't even shoot on Sunday.  One of Hansen's friends (Braden, who beat Hansen the week before) accidentally dry-fired his bow Sunday morning at warm ups. This means he forgot to put an arrow in and released the bow.  It was a total fluke as we were all watching and none of us even noticed, until it was too late.  Without the energy being absorbed by an arrow, a compound bow basically explodes.  In Braden's case, the strings flew off and the bow was unusable.  Braden is a great kid who drove for an hour for this event.  So I decided to let him use my bow for the day and I just watched.  Braden shot my bow very well and hung on to win his division with Hansen coming in a close second.
This is the group we shot with.  We see the same folks at many archery tournaments and Hansen and the kids have all become friends.  While they live in different parts of the state, social media helps keep them connected.
Hansen taking a shot.
Braden using my bow.  While I've been wanting to blame my bow for my crummy shooting, Braden has proved to me that it's not the bow!
This last picture is from the pool last night.  Jack is putting the baby grasshopper he found on my head!  The grasshopper wasn't thinking my bald head was the place to be either.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

And They're Off.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Right now Maren is off at a play with her friend, Preston is somewhere with his youth group in-between here and San Francisco, and the littles are hanging at home with good old me.
This is the youth group that is on the road to San Francisco (Preston is in the front row in front of the "P").  I'm sure they will do great works and can't wait to here how the trip goes.  Of course they will be gone a week, so maybe just an update or two would be nice.
I volunteered my van for the mission trip.  I hear it was (still is) packed to the gills along with the church van.  I'm glad to be able to lend the van, but nope, I'm staying home.
Yesterday Hansen, Lillie, and I (yes, I do love the Oxford Comma) took a garage sale walk.  The walk ended up at the stores.  Actually at IHOP.  Usually I'm a Philly Steak Sandwich kind of a guy, but yesterday I had waffles.  Hansen likes his waffles too.
And I took Lillie out for ice-cream Thursday.  But this was well deserved as she had to get a few shots (vaccines) as to be ready for the 6th grade!  This evening her and I went to the pool for a couple of hours.  It is fun to hang out this this kiddo.
The first part of the day it was yet another archery tournament with Hansen.  This one is at our home club an very low key.  Low key doesn't mean small.  Bownanza is huge!  RV's and campers everywhere.  Gobs of archers.  All having fun.  Mostly.  This is a 3D shoot which means there are no marked yardages, typically small targets, and wacky creative shots.  Yes, this is Hansen shooting from a platform.  These are the types of shots I wish I could just using my golf I broke an arrow and lost two others.  AARG!  Speaking of golf, last night Jr. Golf camp ended up.  It was great to be teaching golf again, even in a camp format with 4 to 6 year olds.  Preston helped last night with the scramble.  He had a great time and was well compensated for his time to boot!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Disc Golf!

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

This post seems almost strange to write.  Why?  This post is all about a nice weather day, but today was anything but.  This morning from 5:45am to 7:30am is was thundering and lightning like crazy!  Then is rained the rest of the day.  This evening I taught jr. golf camp for the first time in years, luckily we had just enough breaks in the rain to survive.

Now to disc golf!  Preston took the littles and I disc golfing the other day.  Kind of, I took them and Preston was our guide and disc golf teacher.
On the way we had to get the emissions checked in the van.  Yay, it passed!
OK, throw the frisbee that way.  Where?
Uh, not down there!  Preston was kind enough to help Lillie find her frisbee...time and time again.
This is what the cup in frisbee golf looks like.  A basket.  It's in the hole!
This is how it's done!  Some folks take this game seriously!  They carry fancy butt bags with multiple frisbees, beverages of all kinds, and probably lunch too.  18 holes of frisbee golf takes longer than you'd think.  We (er, Lillian) couldn't make it around the whole course.  I think I'd enjoy this game, it is relaxing for sure.
There were pretty fancy things to look at on the disc golf course.  Painted Seahawks rocks and stumps with all kinds of beer bottle caps implanted in them.  Lots of artsy stuff I guess.
We did cross the street for a bit and visit the river.  Nope, no going in this river, its moving way too fast.
Finally done!  Yes, a trip to 7-11 to pick up slurpees was a perfect treat for this 85 degree day of golfing.

As much fun as Lillie had disc golfing, this is really how she would rather spend the day:
Just reading in the library!  Can you say Mini Maren?  I'm hoping this Zen book will somehow make my arrows fly straighter...

See you tomorrow.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Target Championships.

Good morning, it is Monday.

This morning I'm recovering from a long weekend by relaxing, blogging, watching replays of the Open Championship, and watching the Tour De France.  If I was younger (like any of my kids) I'd be sleeping.  If Maren had a blog, she would probably write about her weekend without Hansen and I.  Maybe going to church, getting a haircut, doing some shopping, and who knows what else.  Too bad it's not her blog, because you now just get to read about archery:)

This weekend brought two full days of archery tournament.  The WSAA Target Championships.  Two 900 rounds.  In the wind.  Lots of wind.
This was a picture from my first target from 60 yards yesterday.  See the arrow that is in the very very center?  Yeah, that was my first shot of the day!  And my best shot of the day.  Maybe the best shot of my life.  They call that a pin wheel.  Take a look at this target, the very center is an X (which is missing due to my arrow), then 10 and 9 rings in yellow, 8 and 7 rings in red, and so on.  Then figure for each day we shoot 90 shots, 30 from 60 yards, 30 from 50 yards, and 30 from 40 yards.  So 180 shots over two days.  Now factor in such strong wind gusts that it was hard to hold your bow steady, and aiming was very tricky.  Yesterday Hansen had only 3 shots stray from the yellow ring all day.  Amazing.  I had more than that number of red rings in my first dozen shots!
Here is a picture of Hansen with his main competitors on either side of him.  The young man on Hansen's left (Michael is in the red, down from Everett area) is an indoor specialist and holds the state record for this event.  The young man on the right (Braden is in blue shoes up from Centralia area) is the one who won last week's Subway games.  At the end of the first day, these three were in the same standings as in this picture.  Michael was in the lead by a couple of points over Hansen who was a dozen points over Braden.  The second day saw Hansen take the lead while Braden was catching up quickly.  Braden went on such a run that he passed both Hansen and Michael and missed the state record by just one point!  In the end Braden is your state champion, Hansen is runner up, and Michael took third.  Hansen said it was so fun watching Braden shoot so well.  Hansen said he was rooting Braden on the whole way hoping he would in fact break the state record!  Both Michael's and Braden's parents were there watching the event, while I was 11 targets to the left shooting my own game, so I only heard how it was going during breaks.  Braden's parents told me afterwards what a great kid Hansen is and how encouraging the kids were of each other, while wanting to to their best.  Nice words for sure.  Super!  These three were way ahead of the rest of their competition, in fact, if any of them would have decided to compete up a class with the young adults rather than the youth, any of them would be state champions as they all beat the older age group by 60 points.
Hansen with his second place plaque and Braden with his first place plaque.  Nice job guys!  These two look like they are on the same team.  Privateers dressed in black.  At these tournaments you see groups of folks in team jerseys supporting local shops or archery companies.  Maybe some day Hansen will join a team, but for now being on our own, choosing our own equipment and tournaments works best for us.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What? No ice-cream?

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Hansen and I spent a long day at the WSAA State Target Championship.  This is a couple of very long days of shooting.  Two 900 rounds.  90 arrows.  Just like last week, only the state meet.  I didn't get any good pics today, but I've got plenty of other stuff to show you.  I also don't have any pictures of Preston's fundraiser at Applebee's.  He and his mission group served breakfast and waited tables and such.  Preston and his Youth Group will be going to San Francisco in a week and they have raised enough money to mostly cover the whole trip!

Now for more fun:
Or not fun.  Lillie and I went on a walk to Home Depot and then to U-top-it.  Only, as you see here, the ice-cream shop was closed!  Closed!  We even had to crawl under a fence (with a gap about an inch too tight for comfort) just to escape the neighborhood and cross over to the retail world.  Luckily there is a coffee shop next door that sold yummy smoothies.
Wednesday at John and Carol's house Thursday Lillie and the twins did tattoos!  Lillie is covered in these fun tattoos like this one on her hand.  And as you can tell, she is painting a tattoo on me.
Yes, Lillie made this very fancy collage of school supplies.  Her brothers think she has lost a marble or two because ,with summer about half way over, Lillie is ready for school to start again!  When can we go school shopping?  Oh My.  I'd rather go golfing.
And golfing I've been.  Last night Hansen, Preston, and I went out for some twilight golf.  Hansen is doing a great job learning golf, and Preston is starting to beat me on a few holes each round.  Twilight golf is great.  Cheap and not too crowded.  I will be teaching jr. camp next week for the first time in a few years, should be fun.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Archery and a Baseball Game.

Good morning, it is Monday.

This is blog post number two for the day.  If you didn't see my first one, scroll down and check it out!

Saturday was another 90 degree day around here.  Lillie was dropped off at a friends house as she is at Silverwood theme park in Idaho for the weekend!  Preston went out with friends on the lake and then golfing afterwards.  Hansen and I went to an archery tournament.  And in the evening it was off to a baseball game!

This archery tournament (The Subway Games) was a warm up for next weekend's state tournament.  This (and next weekend's tournament) is one of the few tournaments we do that does not include walking all over a mountain side shooting all kind of strange shots.  Rather this one we do 30 shots at 60 yards, 50 yards, and 40 yards respectively.  Each shot is worth a max 10 points with rings going out from the middle with lower values.  It's called a 900 round.  What is really was, was a very long day in the heat shooting a ton of shots and scoring tons of arrows.  Next weekend we will do this each day for the state championships...with an even bigger crowd.  So, if you're interested in spectating, this may be a good weekend to come watch.
 After the day's events, it was off to Tacoma for an evening baseball game.  How about a Maren and Julian selfie?  It was a Breast Cancer awareness game, here Maren is sporting her pink hat they gave her at the gate.
Perfect night for a Tacoma Rainiers game.  Maybe too hot for some?  Folks were just wandering the stadium and sitting wherever.  The seats in the sun were mostly empty while those in the shade were full.
Yes, that is the Super Moon in the distance.  My camera doesn't pick up all the nuances that a nicer camera would, but trust me, the moon was huge!  And you could clearly see all the outlines and landmasses or whatever is on the surface off the moon.  In hindsight, we probably should have been looking out for werewolves on the drive home...

See you tomorrow.

Christian and Miranda's Wedding.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Congratulations Christian and Miranda!

Friday evening our neighbor Christian got married.  No, Christian is not just like some neighbor, he is like one of the kids!  I think Christian was 7 months old when we moved in.  We have had some wonderful neighbors come and go (the Hughes and the Browns), but there have been a group of us that have been here for nearly 20 years!  Of the older kids we now have one married off, another graduated from college, and another is a mom herself.  Preston and Connor were the youngers for years and they will be seniors in high school next year!
This is Christian and Miranda being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Moore.  The event was held at a nice place in Issaquah called Pickering Barn.  There was also a nice ice-cream reception afterwards with speeches, dancing, and pictures.

While I took plenty of pictures of folks around the tables in the reception hall, these two are really my favorites.  This is the core group of kids that grew up in our cul-de-sac.  The cul-de-sac kids! I'd say this group of kids really honestly never lived anywhere else.  With college and jobs and such, this was the first time that this whole group has been back together for a long time.  

Here are just a couple of old pictures with some of these kiddos in them.  I'm sure the neighbors have even better pictures in their scrap books.  One summer, for probably two weeks straight, Preston and Christian beat video game after video game.  Preston was (still is) a very good gamer, but he was too young to read and Christian was beginning to be a pretty good reader.  So, for games like Zelda and Super Mario, Christian would do all the reading and Preston would do the controlling and they were a very good team.  That was the summer I learned that video games actually do have endings...
Jada, Ali, Lillie, and Kayla.
Yup, they even had a crazy dress up photo booth type place at the wedding.  I'm thinking most folks never made it over to this barn, look what they were missing!  Yes, that tie is on a stick.

See you tomorrow. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Good afternoon, it is Thursday.

Preston and I just got back from golfing with friends at Druids Glen.  Today is 710 day.  Kiro sports radio is broadcasting from the course and the green fees are just $7.10!  What a great deal.  We even got to talk to Brock Huard and see Jim Zorn.  Brock came out and talked to us for a few minutes, he asked to see our score card.  He says, "who is Julian?...pretty good golfer!  Barry, not bad either."  Then he looks at Preston and says, "You must be Preston?  You look like a Preston.  And Mark, he is done right?"  Brock Huard is a very big guy in real life, I think I came up to his chin.
Here is Preston on hole two.  Can you see Mt. Rainier in the background?  Just a beautiful day, and we all golfed pretty well.

Yesterday Preston and some of his friends went to Alki beach.  The first picture is a giant hole they made, and the second picture is them standing in the hole as it got filled in.  Preston said it was so warm yesterday that the sand was literally too hot to walk on, but a few feet down it was nice and cool.
Yesterday Hansen and I rode bikes with Melanie again.  This time on the interurban trail.  We stopped on this bridge to take pictures.
This was one of the pictures Melanie took.  A few pics of Mt. Rainier on today's blog.  There is no doubt this is a beautiful area for the month or two of summer.  I try to let these images burn into my retinas so they last me the eight months of rain.
 This selfie of us riding turned out pretty cool.  I like all the straight lines.
Preston and Lillie both passed their eye exams with flying colors.  We may have to get Lillie some glasses with plain lenses.  LOL.
Yup, I dug out the Giant Jenga game!
And how is this for a sweet face to end today's blog with?  You don't mess with Maren when she is reading a book:)  Check out Lillie in the background...hammock for the win!

See you tomorrow.