Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The queen is on strike!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday there was a retirement party at my school.  Two teachers and an office worker are retiring.  Preston and I went for just a few minutes.
Mrs. Radford, one of my all time favorite teachers, is retiring.  She was Preston's second grade teacher.  She let me come in and help in her class way back then too.  Mrs. Radford would say it was Preston's abilities and not her, but I think she was just the right teacher for him in second grade and that combo sent Preston off to the HiCap program.  Both Hansen and Lillie followed their brother into a program that has been wonderful for each of them.  Thank you Mrs. Radford!  Happy Retirement!
Last night was also Hansen's track banquet.  Hansen had a wonderful track season.  Hansen was the best sprinter and long jumper for his jr. high over the past two seasons!  He has had lots of friends and a ton of fun thanks to track.  A very good jr. high track career for sure!  Maren took Hansen to this as Lillie was also performing in a drama production.
Last night was the first of two drama performances for the adults (there will also be two for the students) and in night one she is a back-up performer.  Tonight she is the Queen!  Literally, she plays the Queen in Emperors New Clothes.  As I dropped her off she begged me not to come to the show.  What?  Not come?  That's right.  She wanted me to see her as the Queen first so it will be a surprise and not just a second time to see the show but with her as the queen.  OK, I get it.  So after dropping her off, I went to IKEA and purchased her a new bunk bed!  Yeah, we have had bed issues of late, so this was a great idea.  In fact, Lillie has been on a "bed strike" since I put up her loft bed!  Yes, I saw this coming.  The cats just cry and cry because they want to sleep on the foot of Lillie's bed, but they can't get up there.  So she has been sleeping on the floor!  OyVey!  The strike worked, Friday I will build her new bed.  And tonight I will get to see her be the Queen!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

How cool that Lillie is the queen! But I'm a little confused - will Lillie sleep on the bottom bunk and the cats will sleep at the foot?