Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Straight Hair?

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

As we get closer to the end of the school year, we just get busier and busier.  And the last week was crazy busy for Preston with a very tempting offer.  Preston was offered a spot on one of the top U-18 soccer teams in the state.  He practiced with them from 8:00-9:30pm last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Then he joined them for a tournament over the weekend.
Here his is on the pitch during the second game vs. a team from Portland.  It was after this game that Preston finalized his decision that this team just wasn't a good fit.  The intensity and the "motivation" via verbal negativity was just off the charts (I think I'm being nice by leaving it right here).  Preston decided that a whole year in this environment was not something he could stomach.  And I couldn't be prouder of Preston for making this decision.  Yes, Preston is great at soccer, but you should see how good he is at everything else.  He is a super student, excellent musician, wonderful friend, kind brother, and simply an exceptional citizen.
This evening Preston and I even had time to play a quick 9 holes of golf.  We both hit some pretty spectacular shots.  Spectacularly good shots, and maybe some spectacularly bad ones too.  Good or bad, each shot was fun.  And fun is good.
Check out this picture of Lillie and one of her American Girl Dolls.  I took her out to buy a flat iron for her hair.  She was upstairs doing her hair for what seemed to be a very long time, so I went up to check on how things were going.  She had already straightened out her hair and was working on her American Girl Doll.  Oh My!
This partial picture is of sidewalk chalk questions for our new neighbor.  When they moved in a couple months ago there was no doubt a baby was on the way.  The little kids wanted some answers and they got some.  They had a baby girl!  Congratulations!

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

How wonderful a young man is Preston. He has it all, talent, great grades, handsome, a caring person, and very sensible. I'm proud of him - tell him I said so.
Lillie is so adorable with her
American Doll and "straight hair."
You have a great family Julian and Maren - much to be proud of - good people aside from all their other traits.

Ellen said...

The straight hair looks great! Congrats to Preston on his smart decision.