Thursday, June 05, 2014

Plaid Shorts.

Good evening, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was another divide and conquer day for us.  Hansen ran in the the Conference championship track meet while Preston played in his year end band concert.  I went to the track meet and Maren went to the concert.  I think both were great, so yay!

Here is a photo of Hansen taking the baton as he anchored the 4x100 relay.  His team didn't to great, but Hansen sure ran a fine leg.  In the long jump Hansen finished in 4th place with a season best jump of 17'3".  Nice going Hansen!
While Hansen enjoys the running and jumping in track, I think he enjoys hanging with his friends just as much.  Here he is hanging out with his friend Nick.  This weekend we are off to another archery tournament...Hansen's number one sport of the day.
The year end band concerts at Kentlake are something special to be sure.  I really would have loved to be there to see Preston and the band play, but I got a very good play by play by Maren.  This year the theme was "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore.  Since I really don't have any pictures of the concert last night, here is video someone took of KL's marching band from their Victoria BC trip.  Preston is on the camera side next to the big drums.  The thrift shop shorts he found for this trip (yellow and brown plaid from 30 years ago) are my favorite shorts of the day!  They fit me perfect and everything.  Thanks Preston!

I know, I know, not too much of Lillie as of late?  Don't worry, next week she has a couple of drama performances and a school carnival.
And this is our neighbor Shawn.  He got a propane blow torch for his birthday and today he gave Hansen and I a demonstration on how to get rid of weeds!  Drinking beer, weeding via blow torch, and shooting a bow...Hansen says his goals are coming into focus:)

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Wow, lots of cool stuff going on - I hope your neighbor also has a fire extinguisher!

Amber said...

I didn't know band could be that cool!