Wednesday, June 25, 2014

End of an era!

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Today marks the end of an era around here.  Today I took down the tree house.  I built the tree  house ten years ago.  When I built it I left a couple of inches on each side of the tree to allow for growth, and over the last ten years the tree has grown!  The tree has been pushing the tree house apart for the last couple of years, and the tree house just doesn't get used any longer, so it was time to come down.  I filled the holes the bolts left on the tree with wooden dowels, I read this is the best way to let the tree grow around the holes without little critters using the holes as a home, or water molding out the holes.

Built in 2004, let me show you a few pics of how big the kids were when I built it:

Yup, these kids were the perfect size for the tree house way back then!  Actually, Lillie was way too small and had to be totally supervised.

Other than a few labels, I just let the kids paint it however they wanted as it was their tree house.  Maren was never sure about that decision...just like how she is not too sure about me letting Lillie paint the inside of her closet any way she wants, which she is doing as I type and I may blog about another time.
Once the boys had outgrown the tree house, Lillie and I painted it pink.  It became The Pink Palace.

Amber and Aurora got to see it all pink, in fact they helped repaint the inside too.
Last year the only use the tree house got was to be the shelter for Coco Chanel's bunny cage.  You may remember Lillie got to bunny sit last summer.
Today Hansen helped me tear it apart.  He loves demolition, so this was a perfect job for him.
No walls!  Lillie can finally stand up in the tree house.  It was too small.
Who needs a ladder?  Hansen just leaping like 5 feet in the air.

A few pics of the inside of the walls just for memory sake.
Once the tree house was down and out of the way...I put up a hammock!  The tree house was great, but this section of the yard will surely get more use this summer with the hammock than with the tree house.
See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Best blog post ever! I can't stand how much the kids have grown (they were so sweet and cute and little) and it's so crazy that the treehouse is gone. But the hammock is amazing. Nicely done!

Ellen said...

Enjoy the hammock

Anonymous said...

I can recall when Ellen and I were teenagers that she painted her room and it was really, really neat. I was very envious since I had to share a room with my two sisters and no way would any of us been allowed to paint it a color we wanted. Go For It, Lillian!! From Molly, remembering the 60's.

Stef said...

Ahhhh this is the best blog ever! I am dying over that first picture of Maren and the kids!