Thursday, June 12, 2014

Can you kick it?

Good evening, it is Thursday.

After a week or so of wonderful weather, this evening it started to rain.  And not just rain, full out thunder and lightning storms and buckets of rain!  It all came suddenly.  How suddenly?  Preston was on the golf course and the rest of us were on our way to Lillie's school carnival!  Preston said he abandoned a golf ball on the 6th fairway to quickly take the shortcut off the course as the lightning was so close.  And halfway to the carnival we turned around to bring Maren home (she knows better than get stuck at a carnival in the rain).  Lillie and Hansen were not going to miss the carnival no matter what.  Silly me, I volunteered to run a booth at the carnival, so I too was committed.
 This was the booth I ran.  Preston showed up for a few minutes as I promised to buy him some pizza, but he never made it out to try this soccer station thanks to being totally soaked from golf and not needing anymore rain.  Luckily this booth kept me busy and plenty of kids wanted to kick it.
I was out in the playground.  Under my umbrella.  Once the thunderstorms passed the carnival was packed!  This school does a very good job and this is a very popular event.  Rain or shine.  Here Lillie is trying out my soccer booth.  By the time we left she was just carrying her shoes as they were so wet and miserable that her feet were warmer and dryer just walking barefoot through the muddy puddles.  FUN!
Hansen had fun hanging out with his friends.  They pooled together their extra punch cards and purchased a case of soda.  Hansen agreed to be the keeper as we had the car.  The deal is that he brings three sodas to school each of the last four days of school so the three of them can enjoy a soda at lunch.  Smart!  Lillie did have a very cute face painting done, but for some reason my computer won't let me share the photo with you.  Too bad, so sad.
Lillie did win/buy a pack of M&Ms at the carnival, and rather then eat them all herself, she divided them up for all of us.  Since Preston is napping on the couch, this is what he will wake to.  How awesome is that?

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I volunteered at our carnival this year, too! Opted for an indoor obstacle course, just in case... I'm not such a fan of playing in the rain :) We had a pretty good storm last night, which included a tornado warning?! Didn't end up amounting to much.

Ellen said...

Those M&Ms look good!