Friday, June 27, 2014

An Eagle!

Good morning, it is Friday.

This morning at 3:00am I brought Maren and Judy to the airport.  ALA time in Vegas!  How does that saying go?

Yesterday Lillie and I brought Maren to Tacoma's Glass Museum so her and Judy could go over their secret plans.  Lillie and I had a nice lunch at a pizzeria and had fun at the museum.  The boys stayed home as Preston went golfing and Hansen just hung out.
Before the pizza came, Lillie and I had a grueling game of salt.  The kids and I have played this game at restaurants while waiting for our food for years.  Kind of like the paper football game where you slide the paper football and get points for hanging it over the edge of the table...only we use a package of salt.  The balled up paper wads are for keeping score.
Fancy glass sculptures for sure.
This selfie is actually taken to show the cool roof above our head.  The glass work is very cool.
And artist had just started blowing some glass this or that.  The room was totally packed, and we didn't have a ton of time, but it was fun to hang out here for a few minutes.  I didn't take any pictures of the naked model (painted silver with a white wig) that some photographer was taking pictures of outside of the glass museum.  Hmm.
  Once home I dashed out and joined Preston and his friends for the last few holes of their golf.  I got to witness Preston's first eagle!  It was very cool, he had hit a perfect and extremely long drive which left him like 80 yards out on a par 4.  He then hit a 3/4 SW which took a bounce, and released right into the hole!  Preston then went on to par the next hole and birdie the one after that.  He is golfing with other friends as I type!
These are the pics that some of you are wondering about.  Lillie painting her closet.  Her room is bright pink with a purple closet.  We took the doors off and found some white paint.  Hmm.
Here she goes.
And now, if it wasn't totally obvious by now, this is Lillie's closet.
Her "To Do List" cracks me up.  The third one says, "buy a bigger white board."

O.K.  I just received a couple of pictures from Judy of her and Maren's first day in Vegas.  Today is their day to travel/play as the work of the conference starts in earnest tomorrow.
Maren standing with the MGM Lion.
Maren and Judy went on the roller-coaster at the New York New York.  Maren said it was so freaking scary (I added the freaking) that she didn't know if she should barf or cry!  Luckily she didn't do either.  But this is Vegas, so she still has time.  Haha.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

That glass museum is too cool, Preston's eagle is too cool, and Lillie being the #1 DRAMA QUEEN IS TOO COOL! I would never go on that freaking roller coaster, but I am on board with painting closets, bigger white boards, and buying + organizing nail polish ;) Thank goodness you have a blog.

Ellen said...

Wow, Lillie's closet looks awesome! Glad Preston is enjoying golf. Maren was sure brave to go on the roller coaster...