Monday, June 09, 2014

A Robin Hood!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Late last night Hansen and I got back from the Washington State Field Archery Tournament.  It was a couple of grueling days of archery to be sure.  10 hours of archery on Saturday with over 120 arrows over very challenging terrain, and nearly the same on Sunday.  And after all of that, with the scores in the 1000's, Hansen is your Washington State Youth Field Archery Champion!
Hansen and I left after school on Friday and got home late last night.  Many folks camped on site, others rented hotels and such.  A big thanks to John and Carol who let us use their small tent, cots, and sleeping bags!  Our little sleeper is behind Hansen.  It worked out perfectly!
The tournament was in Darrington WA.  The days were beautiful as is the country.  We did drive through the Oso landslide area as the road opened up a few days lane each way through the slide zone with a lead car.  The destruction and massiveness of this slide was amazing to see up close.  In this picture we are warming up for a 9:00 am start.
The first day we got to shoot with friends.  The second day we were reassigned groups.  I shot with a fun group of guys.  Well, one guy was a bit much even for me, but it was fun.  Hansen shot with a good group as well.
Here's your selfie.  If you tear your eyes from my beautiful mug and look at the arrows, you can see I got a "robin hood"!  This was very fun!  I don't really need to destroy anymore arrows to do this again, but once is good.  Kind of like a "hole in one" for golf...only much more common?
Checking out the scores after day one.  Hansen was in the lead by about 10 points.
A bit more relaxing at camp.
After a successful second day, Hansen is picking up his 1st place trophy.
Hansen finds friends pretty easily these days.  Here he is hanging out at the awards ceremony.
Goofing off after the tournament at the oversized arrow!  It's like The Excalibur.  The guy trying to pull the arrow finished second behind Hansen.  The irony is that if either of these boys would have competed in the next older age bracket, either of them would have won that division too!
Congrats state champ!  But hey, this is my you want to know how I did?  I finished second!  Second from last...doh!  Hansen far outscores me at this.  But I'm learning.  Next year I'm going for middle of the pack.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Wowee wow on all accounts - way to go Hansen!!!

Ellen said...

Big congrats to Hansen - we're really proud!