Friday, June 27, 2014

An Eagle!

Good morning, it is Friday.

This morning at 3:00am I brought Maren and Judy to the airport.  ALA time in Vegas!  How does that saying go?

Yesterday Lillie and I brought Maren to Tacoma's Glass Museum so her and Judy could go over their secret plans.  Lillie and I had a nice lunch at a pizzeria and had fun at the museum.  The boys stayed home as Preston went golfing and Hansen just hung out.
Before the pizza came, Lillie and I had a grueling game of salt.  The kids and I have played this game at restaurants while waiting for our food for years.  Kind of like the paper football game where you slide the paper football and get points for hanging it over the edge of the table...only we use a package of salt.  The balled up paper wads are for keeping score.
Fancy glass sculptures for sure.
This selfie is actually taken to show the cool roof above our head.  The glass work is very cool.
And artist had just started blowing some glass this or that.  The room was totally packed, and we didn't have a ton of time, but it was fun to hang out here for a few minutes.  I didn't take any pictures of the naked model (painted silver with a white wig) that some photographer was taking pictures of outside of the glass museum.  Hmm.
  Once home I dashed out and joined Preston and his friends for the last few holes of their golf.  I got to witness Preston's first eagle!  It was very cool, he had hit a perfect and extremely long drive which left him like 80 yards out on a par 4.  He then hit a 3/4 SW which took a bounce, and released right into the hole!  Preston then went on to par the next hole and birdie the one after that.  He is golfing with other friends as I type!
These are the pics that some of you are wondering about.  Lillie painting her closet.  Her room is bright pink with a purple closet.  We took the doors off and found some white paint.  Hmm.
Here she goes.
And now, if it wasn't totally obvious by now, this is Lillie's closet.
Her "To Do List" cracks me up.  The third one says, "buy a bigger white board."

O.K.  I just received a couple of pictures from Judy of her and Maren's first day in Vegas.  Today is their day to travel/play as the work of the conference starts in earnest tomorrow.
Maren standing with the MGM Lion.
Maren and Judy went on the roller-coaster at the New York New York.  Maren said it was so freaking scary (I added the freaking) that she didn't know if she should barf or cry!  Luckily she didn't do either.  But this is Vegas, so she still has time.  Haha.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

End of an era!

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Today marks the end of an era around here.  Today I took down the tree house.  I built the tree  house ten years ago.  When I built it I left a couple of inches on each side of the tree to allow for growth, and over the last ten years the tree has grown!  The tree has been pushing the tree house apart for the last couple of years, and the tree house just doesn't get used any longer, so it was time to come down.  I filled the holes the bolts left on the tree with wooden dowels, I read this is the best way to let the tree grow around the holes without little critters using the holes as a home, or water molding out the holes.

Built in 2004, let me show you a few pics of how big the kids were when I built it:

Yup, these kids were the perfect size for the tree house way back then!  Actually, Lillie was way too small and had to be totally supervised.

Other than a few labels, I just let the kids paint it however they wanted as it was their tree house.  Maren was never sure about that decision...just like how she is not too sure about me letting Lillie paint the inside of her closet any way she wants, which she is doing as I type and I may blog about another time.
Once the boys had outgrown the tree house, Lillie and I painted it pink.  It became The Pink Palace.

Amber and Aurora got to see it all pink, in fact they helped repaint the inside too.
Last year the only use the tree house got was to be the shelter for Coco Chanel's bunny cage.  You may remember Lillie got to bunny sit last summer.
Today Hansen helped me tear it apart.  He loves demolition, so this was a perfect job for him.
No walls!  Lillie can finally stand up in the tree house.  It was too small.
Who needs a ladder?  Hansen just leaping like 5 feet in the air.

A few pics of the inside of the walls just for memory sake.
Once the tree house was down and out of the way...I put up a hammock!  The tree house was great, but this section of the yard will surely get more use this summer with the hammock than with the tree house.
See you tomorrow.


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I'm up early to see Maren off to work.  Back to bed?  Nope.  World cup soccer starts at 9:00am.  One thing I love to do in summer is wake up early and watch the Tour DE France bike race.  But I will say, the world cup is even better!  Tomorrow the U.S.A. plays in the morning, can't wait!

Yesterday, out of pure summer boredom, Lillie, Hansen, and I went for a Slurpee walk.  
Slurpee selfie.
Look out!  Lillie is about to wreak havoc on the world of baking.  How about a cup of...
Ahh, summer time at the beach.  Lillie is creative for sure, but let me tell you, this cake tasted great!
Speaking of hitting the mark.  Hansen is perfecting his form.
Hansen says that if I can look past my belly, my form is looking pretty good to.  The last few days I've been so lucky!  I've been able to go to archery during the day and go to the driving range with Preston in the evenings.  I even gave his friend Nick some pointers the other night.  Hoping to actually hit the links one of these days.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Good morning, it is Monday.

Today is the first Monday of summer vacation and I can say we have already had a nice summer vacation!  The next month and a half will be gravy:)
Lillie has been baking.  And sewing.  Well, now just baking as her sewing machine has broken.  It sounds like we are now on the lookout for a new sewing machine.
This is a picture Preston gave me from his night out with his grandparents.  John and Carol took him out to dinner then to the 5th Ave. to see the broadway musical Porgy and Bess.  Sounds like they had a great time!  Preston is very lucky to have his grandparents invite him on such evenings...of course John and Carol would say that they are the "lucky ones".

Yesterday we got to see the Omans!  They moved to North Carolina six months ago.  It was a cousins get together for sure.
How many pictures of these girls (now all grown up!) have been taken on this staircase over the years?  I know, right.
Here's the boys.  We traded Lillie for Alex for the night.  Right now Alex and Hansen are just waking up.  They had a fun night of video games and catching up.
And the girls.  Yes, the girls are happy to claim the basement for themselves.  I was allowed to come snap a few pictures, but that's only because I'm an oldie.  The boys were not allowed beyond the stairs.  This was actually least dramatic picture I had to choose from.  These girls made a hilarious dramatic video while we were there, I'm sure they had a great night as well.
This is a group watching the video on Claire's I-phone.  Technology can be amazingly fun depending on how you use it.
A few very handsome fellas.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Last day of school!

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

School's out for summer!  Yahoo!  Hansen got to go to a party thrown by a classmate.  This year end party has been happening for the last 5 years!  It is very cool to see all the kids getting bigger and remaining friends.  Preston went out with a graduated friend of his.  And Lillie and I went shoe shopping.  And for dinner...meat loaf!  Yay.  Maren walked me through how to cook it on the phone as she was driving home from work, and it worked out double yum.  Now I know how to cook meat loaf, which on many levels is very sad as I've loved meat loaf for many many many years and possess all the skills of someone who can cook.  But hey, better later than never.
Last day of school and the kids with the most reading minutes get to silly string the teachers who volunteered.  I enjoy this.  Here I'm being silly stringed by a cool is that?
Hold on with the silly string, I've got to take a selfie!
Tuesday Lillie's school had their year end BBQ.  Only there were sub sandwiches instead of BBQ.  I brought Lillie a Slurpee and had lunch with her.  It was nice to say a big thanks to Mrs. Stewart (who was Mrs. Ramsey with the boys) as all three of our kids had her and she was a great teacher to all of them.
This picture is from Lillie's year end Girl Scouts dinner.  She was awarded with a few new patches to add to her vest.  Lillie has really enjoyed Girl Scouts this year and is good friends with many of her troopers.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just Ducky!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

I hope all you dads had a great Father's Day!  I did.  We ended up at the Ostergard's house after church for BBQ fun.  And yes, I got to be in charge of the remote.  The US Open golf tournament always draws to a close on Father's Day (or the next day if a playoff) but this year's tournament was a sleeper, so we watched the Soccer World Cup.  And how about yesterday's US victory?!?  Picture time:
Saturday evening Judy invited Maren and I to attend Spamalot at the Lakewood Community Theater.  I can't tell you how great of a job this theater did.  Well, I can, but it wouldn't do it justice, they just did a fabulous job.  No, I didn't buy any souvenir coconuts...but if I had I'd be making cool sound effects for my travels around the house and driving the rest of my family coconuts.
My wonderful children even went out and spent their own money on Father's Day gifts for me!  Lillie says this is the best gift ever!  Just ducky.  Preston found me a very nice pair of Adidas sneakers. 
Preston had quite a homework job for his U of W English class.  The binder of his writings is very impressive.  And he had quality help for sure.
Avery had her matcher American Girl with her...but a new hairstyle was in order.
Lillie worked her magic and now this doll has a very impressive fish tale braid.
Posing next to her school picture.  Twins with herself!
What Father's day would be complete without stressing out dad?  Somehow it happened that the kids all wanted to try on my glasses.  A few years ago this would have been a big no no, but I've mellowed a bit and this time I actually got a kick out sharing my glasses for a few minutes.  Lillie got the ball rolling.
Jack looking dapper as ever.
Yup, I see a scientist in the making.
Hah, Hansen just looks like himself.  Well, his actual glasses are a tad bit more stylish than the big clunkers I prefer to wear, but it works.  Although with such little correction compared to his own glasses, Hansen wonders why I even waste my time wearing glasses!
Stef, the biggest kid of the bunch.  Nice specs!

Today is the last full day of school for us.  After tomorrow we will have a 6th grader, a 9th grader, and a 12th grader.  Yowzers.  

See you tomorrow.