Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Happy Mother's Day!  We had a fun Mother's Day...Bowling.  Yup, bowling.
Maren didn't bowl.  But she did enjoy watching bowling while sipping on her Starbuck's coffee that  Hansen bought her for Mother's Day!
Maren, her Mom and her sisters.
For some reason, the bowling pictures just didn't turn out like I would have liked, so I only have a couple.  This one captures a lot.  Carol bowling better than she thought she would (see her ball heading for a fine shot), Avery with her hands-over-her-head-super-slow-rolling-then-skipping-back technique (I did a splendid rendition of Avery's technique, and strained a calf muscle in the process).  And Jack bouncing by her side showing support while waiting for his turn.  We had three lanes, one that the twins used with bumpers, and two that the rest of us shared.  Of course any of us could have used the bumpers...and that realization is just sinking in.  Next time I'm using bumpers!  Preston gave me a pretty good run at bowling to be sure.  There is some joke about bowling your golf score, or golfing your bowling score...Preston and I should stick with golf.
Lillie is watching her ball just hit the pins...  You notice that the lanes to the right of us are all turned off?  For some reason we had nearly the bowling ally to ourselves mid day on Mother's Day!  Come on folks...take your mom bowling!
Can't go bowling without enjoying the shoes.  Jack and I both rented size 12 shoes.  Personally I liked Jack's maroon colored velcro bowling shoes way more than my boring white rental things.
We also had delicious cake and ice-cream.  What?  Cake and ice-cream.  Yes, we were also celebrating John's birthday.  Happy birthday John!  And check it out, these candles can be used on Jack and Avery's birthday cakes next year.
Bowling alleys are not just bowling you know.  Pinball machines and video games rule the walkways.  Here Jack is watching Hansen try to shoot turkeys.  Yes, Jack had his turn too!  The bowling balls didn't feel nearly as sticky and unwashed at this arcade gun did.  Yeah, I need to go wash my hands again.
What, another selfie?  Avery!

Yes, I did call my own mom on Mother's Day.  My folks are in Florida visiting friends and checking out condos!

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

How fun! I hope you saved the candles (brilliant!).