Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

This was a nice long weekend around here.  Overnights, pool, archery, golf, friends, and family.  Saturday I got to do it all!  The morning and early afternoon I was with Hansen at an archery tournament.  Right when we got home I went golfing with Preston, his friend, and his dad.  Then after that I took Lillie to the pool!  I did think it was very cool to spend so much time with each kiddo on the same day.

So how did we all do?  In the archery tournament Hansen finished first in his division and beat most the folks in all the other divisions too.  He even beat one of the professionals who was paired with us the second day.  I finished 3rd in my class, just a few points behind a friend I've made in this archery world.  That was fun.  Preston and his friend were looking for some competition on the golf course, so for the last four holes we played a scramble, dads vs. kids.  Preston and his friend came to play!  They birdied the last two holes to beat us by a stroke!  And Lillie swam and swam and swam.  Can't fail to mention the half price sales at Value Village and Goodwill either!

Yesterday we spent the day at the pool with the whole family.  Again I didn't take many pictures, but Court did!  I will let the pictures do the talking:

Yup, fun day.  But Memorial Day isn't all about the BBQ.
On the way home we drove through the Tahoma National Cemetery.  As late in the evening as we drove through, there were plenty of folks visiting grave sites and remembering.  American flags were everywhere.  A quiet drive through these grounds was probably more impacting to the kiddos than the standard coffee fueled lecture by their dad:)

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Wow, congrats to Preston on his first place win and to you on your third! Looks like a great weekend!

Ellen said...

Woops, I meant Hansen! I knew it was Hansen - senior moment, I guess.

Bernice said...

Great pictures - everyone having lots of fun...........my computer has had some minor problems, so no comments until now. Where are all of you - haven't seen anything recently...............