Monday, May 05, 2014

First Nationals.

Good evening, it is Monday.

Late last night (2:30 a.m.) Hansen and I got back from our extended weekend in Redding California.  We were there for the Western Classic Trail Shoot and Marked 3D National Championships.  This is a huge event!  This year there were over 1600 people shooting in this archery tournament.  I just shot in the trail shoot, while Hansen also participated in the national championships.  We went with a group of eight folks from our local archery club and had a great time.
Arriving the first morning was something else.  Just hoards of archers!  A mixture of all ages and skill levels.  It was just fun to be there, and to be shooting was a bonus.  Chris and Sydney have been going to this even for the past several years, it was great to have a tour guide.
Once under way it was a bit more spread out.  We shot with a group of 11.  There were groups like ours all over the 70 target course.  Lots of hills and valleys for sure.
This is our group on the first of three days.  25 targets the first two days and 20 targets the third day.  We each shot two arrows per target.  You can see Hansen with the rust colored shirt, taking his turn shooting.
This is a typical target.  Our group had a great system going (in my opinion).  Two score cards per person were required, so Chris and I each kept a set of 11 cards and a few of the other guys called out scores and pulled the arrows.
Lots of great walking through some very scenic lands.  Or a bunch of trudging up and down dusty hillsides on the way to shoot.  It all depended on one's perspective.  I enjoyed all of it.
We had to wait for a very long time between shoots as it takes a long time to get 1645 people through 70 targets.  This little chair was my friend.
Chris is spotting for Hansen on this shot of 50 yards over a canyon.
Hoyt had clever signs all over the shoot.  Yes, we were about to shoot skunks on this target.
A shorter range shot.  Shots ranged from 4 yards to 101 yards.  Of course the targets sizes were in line with the distances.  The dot on the 4 yard shot was like the size of a quarter, and the dot on the 101 yard shot was the size of a basketball.
Chris, Hansen and Sydney shooting.
Hansen shooting at the famous bigfoot!  This is the only time he will ever get to take this shot from 50 yards.  Next year he will be back to 101 yard with the adults.  Hansen and Sydney's age group shot all the same distances as the adults except for those distances over 50 yards.  On those targets they were brought back to 50 yards or a little less.  The sight on my bow only goes to 60 yards, so on these long targets I have to "pin stack".  I put my 60 yard pin on the target then move it up to where my 20 yard pin is...I was aiming way up in the trees above bigfoot.  Somehow I had two great shots on that target!
This is bigfoot!
I got a kick of this little statue that just happened to be on the target we started Sunday on.  See, we did go to a form of church after all:)  Yes, I had to take a selfie with the archery god.
Mine and Hansen's score cards.  Hansen did extremely well.  The way national championships in any sport go is that most folks are disgusted with the way they shot while very few (usually the winners) are satisfied with their results.  Hansen was one of the satisfied.  Hansen beat me by 130 points!  He also beat his friend Sydney for the first time ever.  While getting beat by Hansen, Sydney still was able to win her division and for the second year in a row is the national champion in her group!  Way to go Sydney!  Hansen was only a dozen points back from Sydney's dad Chris!  Hansen wound up 5th place in his national division.  Great tournament kid!
Chris took Hansen around and introduced him to vendors and such, and who knows what next year may bring.  Maybe a sponsorship or two?  Hansen is pretty excited about such perks of shooting as well as he has been.  Here he is with his Victory Arrows hat, a gift from the company.
But this is the thing that really has caught his eye.  Hey dad, how about a new Hoyt bow?  You can have my old one:)  I'm sure it will happen one of these days...and yes, I'm already using his "old" one.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Who knew things like this even existed!? It's so cool that you can both enjoy this together. Great job, Hansen!!!

Ellen said...

Sounds like a great time for everyone! But who's that bearded guy?