Thursday, May 22, 2014


Good morning, it is Thursday.

A few years ago I picked up Lillie a loft bed off Craigslist per Lillie's wants.  We built it, and Lillie spent her nights sleeping on the floor under the loft bed.  Back then the bed didn't last long, but the parts have lived in the garage right next to my collection of golf clubs.  Unlike my old golf clubs, the loft bed has been given a second chance.  Yesterday (after a week of Lillie's insistence) Lillie and I built the loft bed.  She is super excited and has a whole world of possible decorating ideas for the space under her bed.  I hope she leaves room for herself:)
 Old bed in parts on the left, new bed on right in parts.  Good luck loft bed.  Maybe down the road a new bed that is a bit less lofted may be the ticket.
 Tuesday evening was the first night of summer league at our archery club.  While scoring the very first target, I put my bow down on the side of the trail where I thought it was safe.  But it is not easy to see a camouflaged bow to the side of the dirt path and a friend we were shooting with tripped on it and wound up stepping right on the sight!  There was a large "CRUNCH" sound that you never want to hear around archery stuff.  And just like that, I was a spectator for the rest of the night.  I've already replaced the sight with an extra one I had at home.  Besides, soon this bow will be set up for Lillie as I will be upgrading:)
We have the State Field Championship coming up in a few weeks, so our group was practicing field shoot procedures.  Lots of rules about who shoots from where and at what target.  Hansen has the middle right position on this fan.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Lillie's loft bed sounds nifty! Tsk about the crunch...