Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Beginning and an End.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

The last two days brought a beginning and an end for our school sports seasons.  Hansen's first track meet of the season and Preston's last soccer game of the season.
Last night was the last home game (and last game) for KL's soccer season.  The last home game usually honors the senior players.  This season there were only three seniors on the team.  Even thought the team didn't do so great this year, I'd say each of these seniors had great moments and played hard every single game.
Last night's game was against KW, who has a good team this year.  KL lost, but played tough!  Probably the biggest and rowdiest crowd yet, there were plenty of high school students yelling fun chants and stuff.  Fun atmosphere for sure, other than the cold and rain.
Preston came home wearing this "C" armband as given him by one of the leaving captains.  Quite an honor, Preston will be one of the captains for next season's team!  Here's to next season!
Thursday evening Hansen ran in his first track meet of this season.  The rain was really pouring and Meridian Junior High's track was a mud pit.  I didn't get any good pics of running, but you can get the idea of the conditions.  Of course, while all the coaches and spectators are totally bundled up, the kids are wearing shorts and singlets...brr.
Hansen is one of the kids sloshing their way for the start of the relay.  I'd say Hansen had a very good meet.  He won the long jump by about a foot, and tied for 1st in the hundred meter dash.
Totally destroying the selfie craze for all the kids in the world, here is a selfie of me with my old school and track in the background.  Yes, this is the junior high that I went to "back in the day" and I ran plenty of laps on this very track.  While the weather and such were not the best, I had a great time spectating this day.  I got a kick out of the whole thing...  There were some kids having the times of their lives goofing off and enjoying themselves with friends regardless of the weather.  There were kids who looked like anyplace on this earth would have been a better place to be than this school on this field.  And the coaches couldn't get either group to move fast enough for their liking!  Such is junior high!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Congrats to Preston on the "C". As for the weather, well, that's why people who spend part of the year in Seattle and part in Florida aren't called snowbirds - they're called rainbirds.