Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

This was a nice long weekend around here.  Overnights, pool, archery, golf, friends, and family.  Saturday I got to do it all!  The morning and early afternoon I was with Hansen at an archery tournament.  Right when we got home I went golfing with Preston, his friend, and his dad.  Then after that I took Lillie to the pool!  I did think it was very cool to spend so much time with each kiddo on the same day.

So how did we all do?  In the archery tournament Hansen finished first in his division and beat most the folks in all the other divisions too.  He even beat one of the professionals who was paired with us the second day.  I finished 3rd in my class, just a few points behind a friend I've made in this archery world.  That was fun.  Preston and his friend were looking for some competition on the golf course, so for the last four holes we played a scramble, dads vs. kids.  Preston and his friend came to play!  They birdied the last two holes to beat us by a stroke!  And Lillie swam and swam and swam.  Can't fail to mention the half price sales at Value Village and Goodwill either!

Yesterday we spent the day at the pool with the whole family.  Again I didn't take many pictures, but Court did!  I will let the pictures do the talking:

Yup, fun day.  But Memorial Day isn't all about the BBQ.
On the way home we drove through the Tahoma National Cemetery.  As late in the evening as we drove through, there were plenty of folks visiting grave sites and remembering.  American flags were everywhere.  A quiet drive through these grounds was probably more impacting to the kiddos than the standard coffee fueled lecture by their dad:)

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Good morning, it is Thursday.

A few years ago I picked up Lillie a loft bed off Craigslist per Lillie's wants.  We built it, and Lillie spent her nights sleeping on the floor under the loft bed.  Back then the bed didn't last long, but the parts have lived in the garage right next to my collection of golf clubs.  Unlike my old golf clubs, the loft bed has been given a second chance.  Yesterday (after a week of Lillie's insistence) Lillie and I built the loft bed.  She is super excited and has a whole world of possible decorating ideas for the space under her bed.  I hope she leaves room for herself:)
 Old bed in parts on the left, new bed on right in parts.  Good luck loft bed.  Maybe down the road a new bed that is a bit less lofted may be the ticket.
 Tuesday evening was the first night of summer league at our archery club.  While scoring the very first target, I put my bow down on the side of the trail where I thought it was safe.  But it is not easy to see a camouflaged bow to the side of the dirt path and a friend we were shooting with tripped on it and wound up stepping right on the sight!  There was a large "CRUNCH" sound that you never want to hear around archery stuff.  And just like that, I was a spectator for the rest of the night.  I've already replaced the sight with an extra one I had at home.  Besides, soon this bow will be set up for Lillie as I will be upgrading:)
We have the State Field Championship coming up in a few weeks, so our group was practicing field shoot procedures.  Lots of rules about who shoots from where and at what target.  Hansen has the middle right position on this fan.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Not The Kayaks!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

This has been one of those weeks where I've not really been up to blogging.  I've got some great photos from fun times, but we're a bit out of sorts with the passing of a dear friend.  It is time get back on the blogwagon.
Friday evening was our first Daddy/Daughter dance.  The theme was science fiction, but Lillie and I just couldn't agree on an outfit...and Lillie really wanted to dress nice.  So that's just what we did.  Lillie has grown so fast in the last year, some days I think she has noticeably grown overnight!
Once at the dance Lillie hung out with her BFF Emma.  Good thing Emma's Kevin and I get along fine, because we may as well have gone to the dance together:)
And thankfully these girls enjoyed dancing together so us dads didn't have to!
Lillie and I even won the Frisbee contest (actually a paper plate)!  Lillie chose this little stuffed creature for her prize.  What?  Another selfie...
 Saturday the pool opened up for the summer!  While not too busy, Lillie and I hung out there for a few hours.  Yup, these fruitsicles are about the best $1.00 you will ever spend.
And we can't forget about the church auction.  Lillie got a bit too involved.   Once she learned our number, she went coo-coo over a kayak trip.  Thankfully she was bidding against another wackadoodle and we didn't win it!  Then it was the Christmas miscellaneous set.  She did win it, but she guarded it and payed too much for it.  In her own words, "It's the Kayaks all over again!"  She was fun for sure.  And she got to bid at the live auction, where we won a smoked turkey which will be delivered around Thanksgiving.  Yay!
See you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Good evening, it is Thursday.

This has been a busy day.  And to unwind, I'm having some left-over vegi tray tomatoes and blogging.  This evening included a track meet, science fair, auction set up, and a soccer banquet among other things.  All ended up being a success!
I took Lillie to the science fair.  She had a cool project that focused on archery and featured her brother Hansen.  Here is a close up:
Very well done Lillie!
Lillie was snapping selfies on the drive home.  Crazy hair with the windows down!  While I didn't get to see Hansen's track meet, we were able to pick him up before he walked all the way home.
Maren went to Preston's soccer banquet.  Preston was the leading scorer for his team this season!  Maren said the while mentioning how awesome Preston was, the coach said that he [Preston] could be a little meaner next year.  Meaner?!?  Nope.  I don't buy it.  Being mean in this world is easy, being nice takes true character.  And on a similar note, the team picture cracks me up:
Look at all these mean players.  Scowls of toughness.  No smiles.  Except for none other than the leading scorer of the team...hmm.  Pays to be nice.  Way to go number 7.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Happy Mother's Day!  We had a fun Mother's Day...Bowling.  Yup, bowling.
Maren didn't bowl.  But she did enjoy watching bowling while sipping on her Starbuck's coffee that  Hansen bought her for Mother's Day!
Maren, her Mom and her sisters.
For some reason, the bowling pictures just didn't turn out like I would have liked, so I only have a couple.  This one captures a lot.  Carol bowling better than she thought she would (see her ball heading for a fine shot), Avery with her hands-over-her-head-super-slow-rolling-then-skipping-back technique (I did a splendid rendition of Avery's technique, and strained a calf muscle in the process).  And Jack bouncing by her side showing support while waiting for his turn.  We had three lanes, one that the twins used with bumpers, and two that the rest of us shared.  Of course any of us could have used the bumpers...and that realization is just sinking in.  Next time I'm using bumpers!  Preston gave me a pretty good run at bowling to be sure.  There is some joke about bowling your golf score, or golfing your bowling score...Preston and I should stick with golf.
Lillie is watching her ball just hit the pins...  You notice that the lanes to the right of us are all turned off?  For some reason we had nearly the bowling ally to ourselves mid day on Mother's Day!  Come on folks...take your mom bowling!
Can't go bowling without enjoying the shoes.  Jack and I both rented size 12 shoes.  Personally I liked Jack's maroon colored velcro bowling shoes way more than my boring white rental things.
We also had delicious cake and ice-cream.  What?  Cake and ice-cream.  Yes, we were also celebrating John's birthday.  Happy birthday John!  And check it out, these candles can be used on Jack and Avery's birthday cakes next year.
Bowling alleys are not just bowling you know.  Pinball machines and video games rule the walkways.  Here Jack is watching Hansen try to shoot turkeys.  Yes, Jack had his turn too!  The bowling balls didn't feel nearly as sticky and unwashed at this arcade gun did.  Yeah, I need to go wash my hands again.
What, another selfie?  Avery!

Yes, I did call my own mom on Mother's Day.  My folks are in Florida visiting friends and checking out condos!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Beginning and an End.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

The last two days brought a beginning and an end for our school sports seasons.  Hansen's first track meet of the season and Preston's last soccer game of the season.
Last night was the last home game (and last game) for KL's soccer season.  The last home game usually honors the senior players.  This season there were only three seniors on the team.  Even thought the team didn't do so great this year, I'd say each of these seniors had great moments and played hard every single game.
Last night's game was against KW, who has a good team this year.  KL lost, but played tough!  Probably the biggest and rowdiest crowd yet, there were plenty of high school students yelling fun chants and stuff.  Fun atmosphere for sure, other than the cold and rain.
Preston came home wearing this "C" armband as given him by one of the leaving captains.  Quite an honor, Preston will be one of the captains for next season's team!  Here's to next season!
Thursday evening Hansen ran in his first track meet of this season.  The rain was really pouring and Meridian Junior High's track was a mud pit.  I didn't get any good pics of running, but you can get the idea of the conditions.  Of course, while all the coaches and spectators are totally bundled up, the kids are wearing shorts and singlets...brr.
Hansen is one of the kids sloshing their way for the start of the relay.  I'd say Hansen had a very good meet.  He won the long jump by about a foot, and tied for 1st in the hundred meter dash.
Totally destroying the selfie craze for all the kids in the world, here is a selfie of me with my old school and track in the background.  Yes, this is the junior high that I went to "back in the day" and I ran plenty of laps on this very track.  While the weather and such were not the best, I had a great time spectating this day.  I got a kick out of the whole thing...  There were some kids having the times of their lives goofing off and enjoying themselves with friends regardless of the weather.  There were kids who looked like anyplace on this earth would have been a better place to be than this school on this field.  And the coaches couldn't get either group to move fast enough for their liking!  Such is junior high!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, May 05, 2014

First Nationals.

Good evening, it is Monday.

Late last night (2:30 a.m.) Hansen and I got back from our extended weekend in Redding California.  We were there for the Western Classic Trail Shoot and Marked 3D National Championships.  This is a huge event!  This year there were over 1600 people shooting in this archery tournament.  I just shot in the trail shoot, while Hansen also participated in the national championships.  We went with a group of eight folks from our local archery club and had a great time.
Arriving the first morning was something else.  Just hoards of archers!  A mixture of all ages and skill levels.  It was just fun to be there, and to be shooting was a bonus.  Chris and Sydney have been going to this even for the past several years, it was great to have a tour guide.
Once under way it was a bit more spread out.  We shot with a group of 11.  There were groups like ours all over the 70 target course.  Lots of hills and valleys for sure.
This is our group on the first of three days.  25 targets the first two days and 20 targets the third day.  We each shot two arrows per target.  You can see Hansen with the rust colored shirt, taking his turn shooting.
This is a typical target.  Our group had a great system going (in my opinion).  Two score cards per person were required, so Chris and I each kept a set of 11 cards and a few of the other guys called out scores and pulled the arrows.
Lots of great walking through some very scenic lands.  Or a bunch of trudging up and down dusty hillsides on the way to shoot.  It all depended on one's perspective.  I enjoyed all of it.
We had to wait for a very long time between shoots as it takes a long time to get 1645 people through 70 targets.  This little chair was my friend.
Chris is spotting for Hansen on this shot of 50 yards over a canyon.
Hoyt had clever signs all over the shoot.  Yes, we were about to shoot skunks on this target.
A shorter range shot.  Shots ranged from 4 yards to 101 yards.  Of course the targets sizes were in line with the distances.  The dot on the 4 yard shot was like the size of a quarter, and the dot on the 101 yard shot was the size of a basketball.
Chris, Hansen and Sydney shooting.
Hansen shooting at the famous bigfoot!  This is the only time he will ever get to take this shot from 50 yards.  Next year he will be back to 101 yard with the adults.  Hansen and Sydney's age group shot all the same distances as the adults except for those distances over 50 yards.  On those targets they were brought back to 50 yards or a little less.  The sight on my bow only goes to 60 yards, so on these long targets I have to "pin stack".  I put my 60 yard pin on the target then move it up to where my 20 yard pin is...I was aiming way up in the trees above bigfoot.  Somehow I had two great shots on that target!
This is bigfoot!
I got a kick of this little statue that just happened to be on the target we started Sunday on.  See, we did go to a form of church after all:)  Yes, I had to take a selfie with the archery god.
Mine and Hansen's score cards.  Hansen did extremely well.  The way national championships in any sport go is that most folks are disgusted with the way they shot while very few (usually the winners) are satisfied with their results.  Hansen was one of the satisfied.  Hansen beat me by 130 points!  He also beat his friend Sydney for the first time ever.  While getting beat by Hansen, Sydney still was able to win her division and for the second year in a row is the national champion in her group!  Way to go Sydney!  Hansen was only a dozen points back from Sydney's dad Chris!  Hansen wound up 5th place in his national division.  Great tournament kid!
Chris took Hansen around and introduced him to vendors and such, and who knows what next year may bring.  Maybe a sponsorship or two?  Hansen is pretty excited about such perks of shooting as well as he has been.  Here he is with his Victory Arrows hat, a gift from the company.
But this is the thing that really has caught his eye.  Hey dad, how about a new Hoyt bow?  You can have my old one:)  I'm sure it will happen one of these days...and yes, I'm already using his "old" one.

See you tomorrow.