Friday, April 11, 2014

WWU Tour.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was our second college visit this spring break.  And maybe our last for a while.  We went to Western Washington University (WWU).  WWU has about 15,000 students.  So now Preston has seen small at PLU with 3,000 students.  Medium at WWU at 15,000 students.  And very big at UW at around 45,000 students.  I'd think that at this point, just knowing the size of the campus as well as the virtual tours offered online these days, it would be pretty easy to imagine what a different campus may be least a starting point.

We picked John up from the Swedish Club in downtown Seattle as he was doing his volunteer work.  Of course we got a small tour and got to meet John's friends/co-volunteers.
 This tour was very different than the one at PLU.  There were so many folks signed up for this tour that they divided into two groups.  Ours may have had 25 folks and the other group 20.  Mostly juniors in high school along with parents.  As we started the tour John didn't really recognize anything.  Lots of changes in 50 years.  These buildings may have been play fields back in the day.
This is beautiful campus.  Lots of artwork with multiple functions.  When leaving there was a class or study group meeting on these stairs to nowhere.
Now its starting to look familiar to John as we got back to the older buildings.  This is red square.  WWU felt much more like a college to me than the small PLU.  Lots of things offered, kids out supporting their causes, and plenty more just out hanging with friends and such.
Back at Old Main things really got familiar.  Each graduating class puts together a time capsule to be opened 100 years later.  John is standing in front of his class's time capsule.  His student ID card is in the capsule under the 1963 plaque.  How cool is that?
At the end of the nearly two hour tour we wound up at the Viking Union building.  John purchased a t-shirt for both he and Preston.
And a picture with me:)  I went on the uphill side, but I'm still shorter than Preston.  This was a very nice day and a very nice tour.  I'd say that WWU is at the top of Preston's list right now, but there will be plenty of things to consider from sports, to finances, to degrees offered, and even friends attending.  Who knows where Preston will end up, but WWU would be a fine choice for sure.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Good grief, when we visit I'll have to bring a ladder to talk to Preston! Well, that looks like a very nice campus to me.