Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Ballard Locks and More.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday Hansen got to hang out with his Grandpa John and his Cousin Jack.  Jack is actually hanging at his grandparents house for two overnights.  I didn't stutter...that's two overnights in a row.  Hansen was invited to join them for as much of this adventure he wanted, but the main events were Saturday, so Saturday it was.  The three of them went to the Ballard Locks, then to the Boeing Airplane Museum.  I asked Hansen to take some photos not knowing what I would get.  I ended up with a couple of nice pics for sure:
Hansen and Jack at the Ballard Locks.  I have not been here for a very long time.  In fact, I don't know if I've ever been where they are now.  When Preston was in elementary school I chaperoned a field trip where we were on a boat that traveled through the locks.  This is very cool art they are hanging out with.
Another photo op at lunch.  Rather than having grandpa in the picture, Hansen taught grandpa how to use his camera phone.  I like this picture, Hansen said that both him and Jack noticed the folks looking at them as they got their pictures taken.  And that's your pictures from a very fun day!

While Hansen was out, Preston was hanging with his friends.  Lillie and Maren were just hanging out too.  I decided to refletch some arrows.  I think I may enjoy tinkering with my archery stuff even more than actually shooting it.
It is a lot cheaper to simply fix up arrows rather than buy new ones all the time.  This batch will have two white and one green vanes.
And this is just a fun story.  Thursday evening the Mariners were tied and going into extra innings when I turned off the TV.  I know right?  How do you turn off the TV when they are tied and going into extra innings?  Well, if the TV doesn't go off, the kids never go to bed.  I guess our team comes first.  Anyway, Friday morning I wanted to see who won the game, so I was telling Preston how it would be faster for me to grab the actual paper from the driveway and find the score than go to the computer and google it.  Welp, the game had not ended when the paper went to print.  Doh!  Off to Google.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

We've been to the Ballard Locks, but I don't remember seeing those curly sculpture things. I think newspapers should stay up late enough to get the final score. If they can't, it's no wonder fewer and fewer people are getting the newspaper.