Monday, April 14, 2014


Good evening, it is Monday.

The weather has been excellent these last couple of days.  As in 65 degrees and sunny.  Unless you really want to get in the pool, this may be the best weather on our planet!  Well, maybe 8 degrees warmer.  Anyhow, yesterday evening I decided to walk to AM/PM and pick up a slurpee drink.  Today I did it again, only this time I had company as Maren and Lillie joined.  Preston picked up a slurpee on his way home from soccer, and I saved some of mine for Hansen as track and field just started for him today.
How about a little reading in the sunshine!  I did some yard work over the weekend, the trouble is that once you do any yard work, it becomes clear how much more you need to do.
On the way to AM/PM we pass this snazzy little lending library.  Here my cute walking partners are posing with the library for me.  Anyone can borrow a book or bring a book.  This library is in front of a church and yes, most the books have some religiousness to them.  I'm thinking there may be a few books around here that could just add a little variety to this little library.  Hmm...
Ahh.  Too much good stuff!  A slurpee (OK, this is not 7-11, this is actually an ICEE)
I'm finding Ranger/Lillie selfies on my phone again.  I guess I will have to talk to the cat about using my phone.

See you tomorrow.

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