Thursday, April 10, 2014

Plumbing and More.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Today is the first day of the 73rd Masters.  My favorite golf tournament to watch without a doubt.  I even went to the driving range yesterday just to get in the swing of things.
I woke up kind of early today just to watch the non golf tournament.  "Live From" the Masters is the golf channel just talking about the tournament without actually showing any golf.  Yes, watching golf on TV can get even more boring than simply watching golf on TV:)  I choose Adam Scott to repeat as masters champion this week.

What else did I do yesterday?
This is Maren's parking spot in our garage.  I had to completely clear the wall away from shelving and such as to replace the burst pipe.
I decided to replace it without using a blow torch.  I bought 10 feet of PVC pipe (which was the perfect length) and a couple of these shark connectors that just use pressure.  I must say it worked out very slick.  With only a minimal amount of cussing and a $23.00 trip to the Home Depot, the pipe is working just fine.  By the end of the day Maren's parking spot was back to normal and her car was even washed!  I did take a break in the middle of the day to take Lillie to meet up with her cousins for a Grandma and Grandpa visit.  And I got to go to lunch with just Maren!  She treated me to a fancy Issaquah restaurant...well, not that fancy, it was Chipotle.  Yum!

Last night Preston's Kentlake soccer team played against Kentwood.  KW's team is very good.  It was a good game that was pretty even in the beginning, but after 80 minutes KW just wore KL down.  It was a fun game for me to watch because I actually know more of the parents of the KW team from both Preston's club teams as well as in my high school days.

Another busy day in front of us today.  See you tomorrow.

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