Wednesday, April 09, 2014

PLU Tour.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday I took Preston to Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) for an official college visit.  PLU has been a college of high interest for Preston as they do have a good soccer team that a friend played for as well as a great reputation for academics.
The sign from the front of PLU.
One thing about PLU is they are good with personal skills and such.  This was the TV in the room we went to for our tour.  We were on tour along with three other students.  The senior student who gave us the tour did an excellent job and the campus is a beautiful place for sure.
I took this picture to show how small this campus is from my view.  This is the biggest lecture hall on the campus.  Wow!  It may be smaller than any classroom I ever had a class in while at the University of Washington.  PLU has about 3000 students while the U of W (main campus) has more like 45,000.  Big difference.  I think Preston's high school has around 1500 students.  We learned a lot about scholarships, transfer credits, student life, and such.  I'd say that Preston liked PLU.  This visit didn't make PLU a slam dunk, nor did it cross it off the list, more like a place to start with the ranking.  We have other college visits scheduled and he had an official tour of the U of W last year.

Lillie suffered through the tour with us.  Suffered is a strong word, but she wasn't so excited once the slow walk around campus with mostly listening started.  Her and Preston were troopers, and we went out for a nice lunch afterwards.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Goodness, Preston's name on the screen and everything! Sounds like a good place to start.

Amber said...

All these fancy lunches! We have a screen at LIVESTRONG and just started updating it to welcome guests who are pre-registered. It's a bit of work but totally worth it! I went to a smaller college and really enjoyed it. Good luck deciding, Preston!