Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Happy Easter!  What a great Sunday.  As I type this we are winding down fast.  Preston and I were up before 6:00am as his Mission group was serving breakfast at 7:30am for the church.  I hung out and enjoyed the 6:30am service.  After breakfast we came home for a quick nap.  Then it was back to church for the 11:00am service as Hansen was an acolyte.  Then to John and Carol's for Easter dinner and a birthday party for Stefanie!
Uncle Grandpa wishes you a Happy Easter...Good Morning!  Yes, this is the kid's favorite new cartoon.  Lillie and Preston's for sure.
How about an Easter Selfie?  This picture turned out great!  Well, almost great.  In real life Carol is just next to Melanie on the right...
Lighting candles for some Happy Birthday singing for Stefanie!
Look who visited our house last night!  The Easter Bunny.  And the Easter Bunny left his signature powder sugar paw tracks leading up to the kid's baskets.  Sorry, no pictures being posted of kids tasting the delicious paw prints...
Maren enjoying her first soda in 40 days!  Yup, Maren gave up all sodas for Lent.  Suffering is a big word, but I can attest that Maren really missed her Diet Pepsi.
Last night it was dying eggs!  That's right.  Glitter and egg dye and you name it.  Fun was had.
And Connor too!  The kids decided that it was so much fun having Connor over to dye eggs last year that he must come to dye eggs again this year.  And he did.  Yay!
One last picture from Saturday.  Yup, we had a bunch of bags of misc stuff to donate to Value Village as well as a 30% off coupon to spend.  We all found some great finds.  No I didn't buy this hat, but for a mere $2.99 (less with coupon) someone will enjoy this snazzy hat.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Happy Easter! Nice hat!