Sunday, April 13, 2014


Good morning, it is Sunday.

The last couple of days have been wonderful weather wise.  And we're squeaking in the last of our spring break.  Lillie has had two overnight birthday parties in a row!  Preston has finally gotten to sleep in a couple of days in a row and just hang out.  And Hansen has been able to get to the archery range a couple of times.  I've shot my bow so many times the last couple of days that I'm sore.  Friday after dropping Lillie off for her second overnight Maren and I were actually able to go out for dinner, just us.  Today may be a hang out around home day...and watch the Masters!
Hansen getting a bullseye from 45 yards away.  He and I had a friendly competition yesterday and I started out strong but by the end Hansen didn't even need to shoot the last couple of targets to beat me.  No worries, I'll be back...

P.S.  While I like the term bullseye, Hansen would prefer I simply use the term "dot".  As in, "hit the dot."  Or even "the X"  Bullseye is a term for darts.  I still like golf terms the best.  What hole is this anyway?  Er, target...

See you tomorrow.

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