Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Bainbridge Island.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was our first official day of Spring Break.  And we did actual "spring break" type of things!  Maren was working and Hansen had a better offer than hanging with the rest of us (he went to the movies with a couple of friends).  Preston decided to hang with Lillie and I even thought he had to wake up early for soccer practice and then had a game in the evening.  So, what did we do?  Check it out:
We drove down to the Seattle waterfront to do a little tourist stuff.  We decided to take a ferry ride.  Here we are leaving Seattle.  We parked in Seattle and walked on the ferry.
Lillie was running all over the boat as she says she doesn't ever remember being on a ferry boat.  You can see her at the end of the boat taking pictures and such.
Preston took this one of Lillie and myself.  Lillie couldn't look at the camera because it was too bright!  It is true that we haven't seen the sunshine like yesterday for maybe six months!
Taking more pictures leaving Seattle.
Now to the front of the ferry.  Arriving at Bainbridge Island.
We made it.  I had done a little research so our goal was to find one of the small pizza shops for lunch.
Walking around in downtown Bainbride.
We noticed these frog statues around the city.  Lillie is getting a lick on the cheek!
After pizza we found a small grocery store and picked up some ice-cream.  There is another frog.
Back in Seattle.  The ferry ride back was a bit more relaxed.  Preston actually slept for much of the ride back and Lillie rested.  Of course as we got closer to Seattle we had to go out and see the views.
Lillie is always full of ideas of what to do next.  We kind of needed to get back on the road to beat rush hour traffic as Preston had a soccer game in the evening, but Lillie loves the aquarium more than most other places on the planet, so I told her that I would renew our family pass if she could make this visit super snappy.  And she did.  I think we were in and out in like 20 minutes.  Something you would never do paying for a one day pass.  The picture before this one was her main goal...pictures of the Otters!
Once home I mowed the lawn, cleaned the super high up window (which requires the super tall ladder that I hate) and was preparing to wash the cars when this showed it's ugly face.  Broken water pipe in the garage.  It was very cold this winter, but I thought I was prepared.  This little stretch of pipe is in an unfinished wall and turned off, but there was enough water left in the line to pop the pike.  Later it will be fixing pipes for me.  After another nice spring break day.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

Best day ever!!! I love ferry rides. And sunshine. And downtown Seattle. And the aquarium!