Friday, April 18, 2014

Art Walk!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night was the Art Walk at Lillie's school.  But nobody in our family (besides myself) wanted to go.  Lillie didn't even want to go because none of her friends were going.  So I went by myself, independently.
Of course this was a fundraiser as well as a display of art.  These two pieces of art by Lillie were for sale.  This [selling of my child's art] used to really bother me back when Preston was this age, but now I'm OK with the idea.  I gladly purchased these pieces, unaccompanied.
The back of each piece had Lillie's name on them and such.  But no, I didn't buy any other child's artwork.  Lillie was happy to have these art pieces once I got home, from my solo adventure.  OK, enough jokes about going by myself, there is a great scene in the Muppet Movie where Amy Adams is at a diner singing about her "Me Party" where she uses a lots of different words for going out on her own.  Really, I was glad I went, without supervision.
The class had a nice canvas with each of the student's hand prints and their names.  This was part of the silent auction.  I did bid on this...a few times.  But as the evening went on, I saw that one of Lillie's friend's mom was also bidding and I knew I wasn't winning.  I joked with her a little about the bidding war, but really it is great how much the school raised.  She also owns the watering can I helped Lillie's class make back when the girls were first graders.  While at the Art Walk, I did volunteer to help at an art table were we made gators that walked up strings.
This is the actual painting that the postcard sized print I purchased is modeled from.  It is on the wall of the library hallway inside the school.
Here is a party of more than one.  This picture was from last Sunday.  Carol and Stef got to present their Corner of Love missionary work (along with the others who went) to the church congregation.  Afterwards we all went to Ihop for breakfast!  As you can see, I'm sitting across from Avery.  Avery knows the tricks to Tic-Tac-Toe, and if I let her go first, she won!  She is also pretty good at thumb wars.  But nobody could beat Lillie at the plain face staring contests...

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

They tried to sell me a framed picture of Aurora's last week... but, it was a strange picture. I guess I'm not offended by it, but I'm not at the point of actually purchasing the items.

Tomorrow morning we're going to IHOP!! It's Aurora's choice for her birthday meal. I can't wait!

Ellen said...

I would have gone with you if I was there.