Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Baseball and April Fools' Day!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

I woke up, walked downstairs only to find cat poop all over the laundry room floor!  Nope, not an April Fools' Joke!  How I wish it were.  Then I grabbed the paper to see how the Mariners finished last night...the paper reads that they won 10-3!  Another April Fools's Joke?  They were loosing 1-3 when I turned off the TV at 9:00pm.  Nope, they actually rallied in the 9th inning to roar past the Angels!  Wahoo.  Oh Snap, my shoe is untied!  April Fools', I'm wearing slippers.  April Fools' Day was all fun and games, until the water sprayed and the cereal hit the floor.  You will have to ask Preston about that year.  Now we just do calm little jokes around here...

Who doesn't like opening day of baseball?  Yesterday I got home from work in time to catch the Boston Red Sox's last couple of innings.  I thought they may rally to win, but no.

Nice job M's!  I'm glad I turned off the TV and un-jinxed the game!

To answer my earlier question, Lillie doesn't like opening day of baseball.  On the walk home from the bus she was extremely happy to learn that she didn't have to actually go anywhere for opening day (as in, to a baseball game) and she could actually just avoid the living room to get away from it all.  I told her that studies show that people who watch/love baseball live longer, she said that if she was forced to watch baseball, exactly the opposite would be true...and that is how many of our conversations go these days.  I've got a Tweenager for sale!  April Fools'...

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Well, I bet Lillie will like baseball more as she gets older. Maybe when she starts taking her own kids to Little League games...or because her husband will love baseball...or because it will remind her of you. And hey, how about those Marlins?