Sunday, April 27, 2014

And a Win!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

The last couple of days have been a blur around here with different activities, but right this second it is very quiet and peaceful for sure.  Maren is still snoozing, Preston is at an overnight retreat with his high school youth group, Hansen is at a friend's house for a birthday slumber party, and Lillie is camping with her Girl Scout troop.  Quiet house.  Last night Maren and I checked out a new pizzeria in Maple Valley.

Friday evening after dropping Lillie off for her Girl Scouts trip, I drove John and Jack to Preston's soccer game.  Maren, Carol, Hansen, and Avery stayed home to relax.  Preston's soccer team won (2-0) the game in wonderful fashion!  Preston scored the first goal with a free kick from about 20 yards.  Their coach was red carded out of the game for arguing with the referees and such.  Mini fights were breaking out all over the pitch.  And some parents were yelling a bit more than necessary too.  These rival games can be action packed for sure!  Great win Kentlake.
Things were a little bit mellower at home as the kids wound down with a movie.

Yesterday I took Hansen to the Skookum Archers 2014 Spring Safari Tournament.  It was a lot of shooting over very hilly terrain.  A good warm up for nationals next weekend.  We were paired up with a kid in Hansen's age group and kid in the next older age group.  I was the only adult in our group.  Hansen easily won his division, and I took third in my division.
I didn't get many pictures, but I did use my new binoculars a lot.  They were great!  I could easily sight everyone's arrows from any distance.  Very cool.  Shooting is the kid in the next older division from Hansen.  He and Hansen had a good duel.  Hansen would be leading, then he would take the lead, and back and forth.  In the end Hansen beat him by nearly 50 points.
Our score cards.  Hansen may tell you he could have scored higher, and he is right.  He shot very well and his few slips were minor.  Of course he beat me by 107 points and everyone else in his age group by about the same.  I think only the professionals and top amateurs outscored Hansen.  I think the highest score recorded at the tournament was a 911.   His 850 is great, and my 743 was only 10 points away from second place.  To give you an idea of how many shots we took and how the event worked, there were 42 target (two rows of 21 on the scorecard) of varying distances from 10 feet to 101 yards.  Each target has a dot, a second ring, and an animal.  A dot is worth 11 points, the next ring (usually an inch or two bigger) is worth 10 points, and the animal is worth 8 points.  Two arrows at each target and max points per target is 22 points.  If you hit every target perfectly all day long, the maximum points you could earn is 924 points.  For the advanced archers, one slip up of dialing in the wrong distance, a misfire, or even just a brain slip can be the difference in winning or loosing.  There are different divisions for both age and equipment too.  Hansen is in the top equipment category which means nearly anything you can buy to make yourself more accurate is allowed.  The bows in that class usually have movable sights, exchangeable peeps, long stabilizers, and long axle to axle distance...not to mention fancy colors.  I shoot in a different class which only allows a short stabilizer and the sight must be fixed with a maximum 5 pins...usually a smaller camouflaged colored hunting bow.  Just checking out all the different bows and such at these events is fun.
Hansen and his first place trophy!
And an embarrassing selfie I took of the two of us.  Really dad?  Not cool.  Not cool.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Congrats to you and Hansen for great shooting, and Preston for the soccer win!