Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Who Are You?

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

I was thinking of posting this blog tomorrow morning, but tomorrow morning is someone's 11th birthday, so here is a hurried evening blog.

Today was my school's Dr. Suess celebration!  I think this is the 6th year I've dressed up as the Cat In The Hat for this celebration.  I even gave the kids a sneak peak at school today.
I wore this cool sweatshirt all day at school.  I joked with the students that I was morphing into the Cat In The Hat.
Fully morphed and standing in front of the cool quilt that was the backdrop for pictures.
Before all the kids showed up I enjoyed goofing off with some of my co-workers.  Here the Cat is taking a selfie with Mrs. Radford (Preston's second grade teacher).  You can kind of see my new glasses here.  They feel so big!  I can see so well that I don't even care.  Besides, Lillie picked them out and all the kids think they look better than the small little frames I've been wearing.  Win/Win.
This is a local Librarian providing a story time for kids attending the celebration.  The crowd was just perfect for this event.  Plenty crowed, but not so crowed that you couldn't move.  There were arts and crafts, games, and all kinds of fun.  I thought it went very well.
Yes, even green eggs and ham.  A different slant on green eggs this year.  Green deviled eggs.  I enjoyed an egg or two, but I will admit, first glance was a bit of a grimace.  Seems that with deviled eggs, you either love them or hate them, not much middle ground here.  I hear the staff will be having egg salad sandwiches tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Hi Julian, I don't even like deviled eggs when they are the right colors. But I do like your new glasses! and Happy Birthday Lillie!! Love, susanna & johnny

Ellen said...

Nice glasses and cat pix! We're proud of you - and we recognize the grimace!