Tuesday, March 25, 2014

They See Me Rollin'

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yup, I'm back with the living.  I went to work yesterday and everything.  It's nice to be back.  Yesterday I had several co-workers mention that I had lost weight.  Well, I did shave, and it was so warm out I was just wearing a golf shirt, but really, it may have been the death diet I was on for all of last week?  I'm doing better, so let's move on.
Hansen has been out and about with his friends on his long board a lot with the warmer weather, (yes, 55 degrees feels warm) which has inspired Lillie to want to trade in her rollerblades for a skateboard.  Hansen was long gone so I was giving her some tips.  I'm not sure tips on skateboarding is what Lillie really wanted, more like some company...after all, my tips included proper feet placement and the wearing of a helmet:)
Let me just say, she is much more in control with a scooter!  This is like a longboard with handlebars.  Much better, but I'm not sure either will catch on for young Lillie.
Preston left for school this morning extra early and wearing his Tuxedo. His school band is off on some type of band contest at some other school.  That's all I know.  His band is very good, and I'm sure they will do great.  He also has a band concert tonight.  And a varsity soccer match tonight.  Preston said he needed a note to get out of the band concert, so I had a little fun with him.  Which note do you think he will choose to turn in?  Yeah right, he does love his band, but soccer will win the day.  Besides, his band teacher loves sports and this note is really just book keeping, he always allows his varsity players to enjoy their sport.

Speaking of sports, Hansen's school is having "sports day" today for spirit week.  Hansen is wearing a t-shirt with his favorite archery company.  Spot Hogg.  I was joking with him this morning that he needs to be ready for his friends to argue that archery in not a sport (I lived this with golf).  Hansen was totally ready.  He says archery is more a sport than football as archery is in the Olympics and football is not.  Yeah, I won't be spending my day arguing with Hansen.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Glad you're feeling better! Your death diet sounds interesting. My oral surgery diet consists of mashed potatoes, yogurt, pudding, and more mashed potatoes - all at room temperature. After this, I may not eat mashed potatoes again till Thanksgiving. (And hopefully, we'll have seen you guys in person by then.)