Friday, March 21, 2014

Seder Dinner.

Good afternoon, it is Friday.

Opening the page to blog I saw that this post will be post number 1500.  Wow, that's a lot of blog posts for a blog I started on a whim several years ago.  And right now the sun is shining in the back window.  And after a whole week of being sick, I'm starting to feel better.  Yay!  You may remember that I went in for flu like symptoms last Sunday.  Well, Wednesday I went back in because I wasn't really getting better.  Actually I thought I was on the mend and only kept my Dr. appointment because Maren thought I should go back in.  After telling my actual Dr. how great I was doing, she decided I didn't look as good as the picture I was painting and sent me in for chest ex-rays.  Pneumonia.  Antibiotics.  And now getting better!  Yay.  So I had an entire week off of work and did less than nothing.  Let's not do that again anytime soon.  Last night was 24 hours on antibiotics and I was feeling up to a commitment that we had previously made and really didn't want to cancel no matter how I felt:
We were the head family at our church's Seder Dinner.  Originally for the families with children getting ready for first communion, this year it was opened up to anyone.  And there was a pretty good size turn out.
We did have a several page long script to follow and the pastor explained things to the attendees as we went along.  The folks at the rest of the tables also had programs to follow along, but not with our names on them.  The kids all had parts to read and questions to ask, they did a super job!

So, what else have you missed out on this week?  The same stuff I've missed out on.  Preston had his first soccer game of his Junior year season.  While his team lost to Kentridge (my old school), he did score an awesome goal and was pleased with his performance, and that of his young team.  I think they only have two seniors on the squad.  Luckily one of my friends kept me up on the game via text message, and John and Carol attended the game to support Preston and the squad too.

O.K. I'm off to rest on the couch and maybe watch some basketball.  That's one other thing I missed.  I didn't get a NCAA bracket filled out this year.  I'm not in the pool.  But really, after watching some of yesterday's games, my brackets would have already been busted!

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

that's so good that you are getting better finally. it sounds like you have a good doctor. sp

Robert said...

Sorry to hear about the pneumonia, no fun at all. Your Mom is not feeling that well, either. She had oral surgery today, but she will be better than ever soon.