Friday, March 14, 2014

Pi Day!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Today the kids and I have a day off from school!  So what will I be doing in a few short minutes?  Taxes!  Woohoo!  I've not been too interested in doing the taxes this year, but it is time.  But first, here are a few fun photos:
Happy pi day!  Why pi day you ask?  3.14, as in March 14th.  If school was in session and pi was still a 6th grade standard (yes, these things change, now it is a 8th grade standard or something like that) we would be eating pie!  For dinner tonight, pizza pie.
Yesterday Lillie was taking photos with her Kindle and I asked what she planned on doing with such photos.  She told me that she really has only took a few, and was photobombing the cats.  She e-mailed me this picture.  Very cute.  Yes, our cats do put up with a lot.
Check this out.  A friend from church e-mailed me this picture (he took it while on vacation) with this caption:  On the left bank, Rue Saint-Julien Le Pauvre, not far form Notre Dame and around the corner from St. Servin.  How cool is that?

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Cute cat pic! Have fun with your taxes!

Amber said...

We just got our taxes done! Whoo hoo! Hahaha, well I hope you got a refund. Mom didn't say it but she and dad got to see a Pi in the Sky here in Austin. We Texans take Pi day seriously...