Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Happy Birthday Lillie!

Good evening, it is Wednesday!

Happy Birthday Lillie!  Yay, it's your birthday...

Lillie had a great day to celebrate her 11th birthday.  The day started with a late start at school.  As in a late start for all the kids.  But not for me, so Lillie did get to hang with me for a while this morning.  Late start days work out perfectly because Preston can drive Lillie and I to my school, then a bus comes stops in front of my school to pick up Lillie.  The office staff does get a kick out of Preston dropping us off at school.

But before we get to today, lets look at a couple cute birthday pictures from the past:
Look who is two in this picture.  So cute.
Today Lillie chose to bring cookies to her class for her birthday.  Sometimes it is cupcakes or some similar snack...I like cookies.  And by the looks of these slippers, Lillie has been a cookie monster for a long time.
Learning to read.  Lillie enjoyed reading to her dolls and stuffed toys.  She is a very good reader today.  In fact, her big birthday present was a Kindle Reader...I kind of think she will use it for movies and apps, but reading works.
A birthday party from back in Kindergarten!  Friday she will have few friends over for an overnight party.  Emma (on the left) will be here.  Lillie is second from the left in this pic.
Her first picture as an eleven year old!  Yup, this is my desk at work.  Lillie didn't mind hanging out this morning for a little while.
Johnny Rockets for her birthday dinner!  Yum!  Great choice Lillie.
Then to Baskin Robins for an ice-cream birthday cake.  Us Slanes do enjoy a little potty humor.  And this ice-cream cake log was tasty!  Sorry for the crappy joke.  I'll nip this off about now.  Sorry Maren.  It's times like this she is happy she kept her last name:)
A happy eleven year old.  With a twelve year old cat!  That's right, Joe and Ranger turned twelve yesterday.  Happy Birthday cats!  Lillie will be very happy I mentioned the cats in her birthday blog.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Happy birthday, Lillie! We love you!

Amber said...

Awww - it's so sweet seeing her at my kid's ages! Two year old Lillie looks like Clarkie and Kindergarten Lillie is exactly Aurora sized. I can't believe she's 11 (and the CATS are 12!). Chuck says we need an ice cream log. If we get one, we'll be sure to teach our littles some inappropriate jokes... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LILLIE!!!