Sunday, March 02, 2014

Cup Of Cheese.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

In the busy world that is our lives, I didn't realize until today around 1:00pm that it was Oscar day.  What does Oscar day look like at our house?  Well, Maren has made it an event...much like the Superbowl.  While no show can ever top this last Superbowl, this was a good Oscars.
I helped the fun by making two sets of card designed to hold up as to rate the folks on the Red Carpet.  Yes, the Red Carpet starts early.  After about an hour of the Red Carpet show, I had to get out of the house:)  I picked up my new glasses and some wine for Maren.  I did make it home in time for the actual show.
Maren and Lillie getting ready.  What Maren does is watch the TV with one eye while following Twitter with her other eye.  Maren does have some folks in her Twitter feed that had some seriously funny things to say about this year's show.
I did enjoy watching this year.  Ellen was great.  This selfie thing is fun.  I took a selfie of my new glasses, but no...we will have to try a different photo to show you some other time.

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

It looks like the Oscars are a big event at the Slane household. I always watch it. I also thought Ellen was terrific - pizza for everyone, what a riot!! Have you seen Gravity?? Lots of good movies.I think it was one of the better shows - you all had fun.....

Ellen said...

We watched part of the red carpet show and also had to leave the house - but we watched the whole Oscar show and enjoyed it. I've watched the Academy Awards since I was a little girl and I always thought Bob Hope and Johnny Carson did a great job hosting. I also liked Billy Crystal in recent years. I thought Ellen did a fine job, though she did go into the audience and bother the celebrities a lot - but most were fine with it. We haven't seen any of the movies, though we'd heard Aurora singing songs from Frozen, which we'll see when it comes out on DVD.

Julian Slane said...

No Bernice, I haven't seen Gravity. Did you see it? The clips of gravity look amazing, but the movies I would most want to watch of the nominated movies would be: American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, Captain Phillips, and Frozen.