Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back In Focus!

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Today Hansen picked up his new glasses.  And the world is in focus!
Of course, Hansen was wandering around Costco geeking out about being able to read signs and price tags.  Yes, his new glasses were a big change.  About three clicks increase for each eye.  In fact, the difference between his old glasses and his new glasses is about my glasses...and while not too strong, the world is much sharper with my glasses.  If I'm not mistaken, his new glasses RX is about exactly the same as my dad's RX.  So, yeah, it makes a difference.
Cool frames too.  These are made by Converse, the same brand glasses Hansen has worn for years.  The day Converse stops making glasses frames will be a sad day indeed.  You can't tell due to his hair, but the ear part are a bright red.  Hansen can't wait to try archery with his new eyes!
What?  Another birthday cake?  Yup, today Lillie decided that she needed to make herself one more birthday she did just that.  You can't have too many birthday cakes can you?
Preston has been soccering everyday after school as high school soccer has begun.  He recieved his jersey/kit today.  Good old number 7!  I asked him to pose with his jersey while homeworking.  Their first game is on Tuesday.  I'm thinking that "soccering" and "homeworking" may not be real words, but I like them.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Hansen looks quite suave in his new glasses!