Monday, March 10, 2014

A Birthday Weekend.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yay for daylight savings time!  Sure, it is dark and rainy right now, but it may be daylight and dry at 6:30pm!  I do enjoy my daylight.  But who cares about this rambling?  We had a birthday weekend which is much more exciting.

Even though there are no pictures to show for it, my dad's birthday was on Friday.  Happy Birthday Dad!  While you were celebrating your birthday, I was hanging with this motley crew:
Lillie is looking all calm and collected (middle) for this picture, but it was her birthday slumber party and it didn't take long for the goofy to start.
 I took these three to the movies so Maren and Hansen could have some peace and quiet.  I think they appreciated it.
Preston was out with friends at the powder puff football game for his school.  Preston was hanging with friends and playing in the band.  I hear the juniors won this year!  No surprise to me, Preston's class of kids has been a great class from the very beginning.
We saw Frozen.  A very good movie.  The whole theater sung the songs and the movie was very well done.  As loud as a movie theater can be, I think my car on the way down to the movie was even louder!  I'm not complaining here, it was very fun.  Lillie's friends spent the night and were off by 11:30 Saturday.  We had a brief intermission then it was off to Melanie's house for a joint family birthday party for Lillie, Jack and Avery.
Frozen was also the theme of this party.  Check out the awesome cake Melanie made!
Mustaches?  I think Hansen looks like the Lorax with his mustache.  And Stef, I think she was just holding her mustache in place...or finding something to flick:)
Nana knows how to spoil a girl!  It didn't take long for these dolls to escape their boxes
Jack was enjoying his punching bag even before was completely built.  Good thing I know how to dodge and slide!
Blowing out candles.  Another great birthday weekend in the books.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

What a great birthday weekend! Dad enjoyed talking to you on his birthday. We're looking forward to seeing Frozen soon.

Amber said...

We love singing along to Frozen! Aurora randomly broke down in tears one day, devastated because Frozen hadn't come out on DVD yet... thank goodness for youtube :) What a happy birthday weekend!

Julian Slane said...

We will buy Frozen on DVD when it comes out too. I almost broke down in tears when I realized Frozen wasn't out on DVD and I would have to take these girls to go see the movie myself!