Monday, March 31, 2014

There's a cat in my spot...

Good morning, it is Monday.

We have school this week, then next week is Spring Break!  I like Spring Break, the week leading up to it is not bad's the week after that stinks.

This was a nice weekend around these parts.  Preston had a soccer game on Saturday evening.  While his team didn't do so well (it was missing three or four valuable players out due to suspensions and/or vacations) but Preston played very well.  The soccer coach for Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) was at the game and talked to Preston afterwards.  Sounds like playing soccer for PLU is a real option for Preston after high school!  Awesome!
This is what hanging out watching Frozen for the second or third time looks like.  Yup, I'm sitting on the floor because there is a cat on a pillow in the middle of the couch.  Hansen is just out of view to the left between his x-box and the exercise bike.  I enjoy the movie, I read it is the most successful animated film ever?  Wow!

Saturday we (Maren, Lillie and myself) attended a baby shower for a cousin on Maren's mom's side of the family who I don't know if I'd ever met.  They live in Eastern Washington and are very nice.  They are expecting their first child (a little girl by the looks of the gifts) and are very excited.  So different though, they are our age and this is their first.  Our kiddos are so old now, I can't even imagine having my first at this age!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Frog?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Tuesday evening I got to attend Preston's soccer game.  Now that the season is in full swing, Preston is up early on Tuesdays and Thursdays to iron his slacks and dress shirts.  Yup, the varsity athletes always have to dress up on game days.  Preston was looking sharp this morning!
Here the teams are before kickoff being announced and doing the flag salute.  Preston is number 7 on the left.  His team has lost their first two game 1-3, while Preston has been the guy who has scored the only goals for his team.  Tonight is game number 3.

Last night was Take Over The RAM night for Lillie's school.  Maren and Preston worked late last night so I took the littles to the RAM.  A percentage of all sales go to the school, and dinner was yum.  There was even face painting:
Lillie with her frog.
And her BFF Emma, who turned herself into a bunny rabbit.

Tonight is an elective fair as Hansen signs up for his high school classes.  That's right, next year he will be a high schooler for one year with Preston.  Hansen seems prepared, he is thinking engineering and video game/web design...

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

They See Me Rollin'

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yup, I'm back with the living.  I went to work yesterday and everything.  It's nice to be back.  Yesterday I had several co-workers mention that I had lost weight.  Well, I did shave, and it was so warm out I was just wearing a golf shirt, but really, it may have been the death diet I was on for all of last week?  I'm doing better, so let's move on.
Hansen has been out and about with his friends on his long board a lot with the warmer weather, (yes, 55 degrees feels warm) which has inspired Lillie to want to trade in her rollerblades for a skateboard.  Hansen was long gone so I was giving her some tips.  I'm not sure tips on skateboarding is what Lillie really wanted, more like some company...after all, my tips included proper feet placement and the wearing of a helmet:)
Let me just say, she is much more in control with a scooter!  This is like a longboard with handlebars.  Much better, but I'm not sure either will catch on for young Lillie.
Preston left for school this morning extra early and wearing his Tuxedo. His school band is off on some type of band contest at some other school.  That's all I know.  His band is very good, and I'm sure they will do great.  He also has a band concert tonight.  And a varsity soccer match tonight.  Preston said he needed a note to get out of the band concert, so I had a little fun with him.  Which note do you think he will choose to turn in?  Yeah right, he does love his band, but soccer will win the day.  Besides, his band teacher loves sports and this note is really just book keeping, he always allows his varsity players to enjoy their sport.

Speaking of sports, Hansen's school is having "sports day" today for spirit week.  Hansen is wearing a t-shirt with his favorite archery company.  Spot Hogg.  I was joking with him this morning that he needs to be ready for his friends to argue that archery in not a sport (I lived this with golf).  Hansen was totally ready.  He says archery is more a sport than football as archery is in the Olympics and football is not.  Yeah, I won't be spending my day arguing with Hansen.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Seder Dinner.

Good afternoon, it is Friday.

Opening the page to blog I saw that this post will be post number 1500.  Wow, that's a lot of blog posts for a blog I started on a whim several years ago.  And right now the sun is shining in the back window.  And after a whole week of being sick, I'm starting to feel better.  Yay!  You may remember that I went in for flu like symptoms last Sunday.  Well, Wednesday I went back in because I wasn't really getting better.  Actually I thought I was on the mend and only kept my Dr. appointment because Maren thought I should go back in.  After telling my actual Dr. how great I was doing, she decided I didn't look as good as the picture I was painting and sent me in for chest ex-rays.  Pneumonia.  Antibiotics.  And now getting better!  Yay.  So I had an entire week off of work and did less than nothing.  Let's not do that again anytime soon.  Last night was 24 hours on antibiotics and I was feeling up to a commitment that we had previously made and really didn't want to cancel no matter how I felt:
We were the head family at our church's Seder Dinner.  Originally for the families with children getting ready for first communion, this year it was opened up to anyone.  And there was a pretty good size turn out.
We did have a several page long script to follow and the pastor explained things to the attendees as we went along.  The folks at the rest of the tables also had programs to follow along, but not with our names on them.  The kids all had parts to read and questions to ask, they did a super job!

So, what else have you missed out on this week?  The same stuff I've missed out on.  Preston had his first soccer game of his Junior year season.  While his team lost to Kentridge (my old school), he did score an awesome goal and was pleased with his performance, and that of his young team.  I think they only have two seniors on the squad.  Luckily one of my friends kept me up on the game via text message, and John and Carol attended the game to support Preston and the squad too.

O.K. I'm off to rest on the couch and maybe watch some basketball.  That's one other thing I missed.  I didn't get a NCAA bracket filled out this year.  I'm not in the pool.  But really, after watching some of yesterday's games, my brackets would have already been busted!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Bit O' Luck.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Maren and the kids all wore green this morning and were looking sharp if I may add.  Me, not so much.  Some how, even thought I did get a flu shot this year, I've come down with the flu.  I suffered for a few days, taking advil and such just thinking I had a cold, but it wasn't going away...head aches are what did me in.  So yesterday I stopped by the doctor's office and now have some good medicine.  As of this very moment my morning meds are kicking in and if I don't finish this blog soon, I will snoozing at the computer.
I follow the University of Washington on Facebook.  I must say that I like the pictures they post.  Last post it was Pi Day.  Today St. Patrick's Day.  Go Huskies!
Hanging out at the dr. office yesterday.  The mask is so fancy.  I've done a decent job of quarantining myself, but I will be going stir crazy soon.  You won't find me on a green beer pub crawl tonight.  Hopefully with a bit o' luck, I will be well soon.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pi Day!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Today the kids and I have a day off from school!  So what will I be doing in a few short minutes?  Taxes!  Woohoo!  I've not been too interested in doing the taxes this year, but it is time.  But first, here are a few fun photos:
Happy pi day!  Why pi day you ask?  3.14, as in March 14th.  If school was in session and pi was still a 6th grade standard (yes, these things change, now it is a 8th grade standard or something like that) we would be eating pie!  For dinner tonight, pizza pie.
Yesterday Lillie was taking photos with her Kindle and I asked what she planned on doing with such photos.  She told me that she really has only took a few, and was photobombing the cats.  She e-mailed me this picture.  Very cute.  Yes, our cats do put up with a lot.
Check this out.  A friend from church e-mailed me this picture (he took it while on vacation) with this caption:  On the left bank, Rue Saint-Julien Le Pauvre, not far form Notre Dame and around the corner from St. Servin.  How cool is that?

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back In Focus!

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Today Hansen picked up his new glasses.  And the world is in focus!
Of course, Hansen was wandering around Costco geeking out about being able to read signs and price tags.  Yes, his new glasses were a big change.  About three clicks increase for each eye.  In fact, the difference between his old glasses and his new glasses is about my glasses...and while not too strong, the world is much sharper with my glasses.  If I'm not mistaken, his new glasses RX is about exactly the same as my dad's RX.  So, yeah, it makes a difference.
Cool frames too.  These are made by Converse, the same brand glasses Hansen has worn for years.  The day Converse stops making glasses frames will be a sad day indeed.  You can't tell due to his hair, but the ear part are a bright red.  Hansen can't wait to try archery with his new eyes!
What?  Another birthday cake?  Yup, today Lillie decided that she needed to make herself one more birthday she did just that.  You can't have too many birthday cakes can you?
Preston has been soccering everyday after school as high school soccer has begun.  He recieved his jersey/kit today.  Good old number 7!  I asked him to pose with his jersey while homeworking.  Their first game is on Tuesday.  I'm thinking that "soccering" and "homeworking" may not be real words, but I like them.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Birthday Weekend.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yay for daylight savings time!  Sure, it is dark and rainy right now, but it may be daylight and dry at 6:30pm!  I do enjoy my daylight.  But who cares about this rambling?  We had a birthday weekend which is much more exciting.

Even though there are no pictures to show for it, my dad's birthday was on Friday.  Happy Birthday Dad!  While you were celebrating your birthday, I was hanging with this motley crew:
Lillie is looking all calm and collected (middle) for this picture, but it was her birthday slumber party and it didn't take long for the goofy to start.
 I took these three to the movies so Maren and Hansen could have some peace and quiet.  I think they appreciated it.
Preston was out with friends at the powder puff football game for his school.  Preston was hanging with friends and playing in the band.  I hear the juniors won this year!  No surprise to me, Preston's class of kids has been a great class from the very beginning.
We saw Frozen.  A very good movie.  The whole theater sung the songs and the movie was very well done.  As loud as a movie theater can be, I think my car on the way down to the movie was even louder!  I'm not complaining here, it was very fun.  Lillie's friends spent the night and were off by 11:30 Saturday.  We had a brief intermission then it was off to Melanie's house for a joint family birthday party for Lillie, Jack and Avery.
Frozen was also the theme of this party.  Check out the awesome cake Melanie made!
Mustaches?  I think Hansen looks like the Lorax with his mustache.  And Stef, I think she was just holding her mustache in place...or finding something to flick:)
Nana knows how to spoil a girl!  It didn't take long for these dolls to escape their boxes
Jack was enjoying his punching bag even before was completely built.  Good thing I know how to dodge and slide!
Blowing out candles.  Another great birthday weekend in the books.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Happy Birthday Lillie!

Good evening, it is Wednesday!

Happy Birthday Lillie!  Yay, it's your birthday...

Lillie had a great day to celebrate her 11th birthday.  The day started with a late start at school.  As in a late start for all the kids.  But not for me, so Lillie did get to hang with me for a while this morning.  Late start days work out perfectly because Preston can drive Lillie and I to my school, then a bus comes stops in front of my school to pick up Lillie.  The office staff does get a kick out of Preston dropping us off at school.

But before we get to today, lets look at a couple cute birthday pictures from the past:
Look who is two in this picture.  So cute.
Today Lillie chose to bring cookies to her class for her birthday.  Sometimes it is cupcakes or some similar snack...I like cookies.  And by the looks of these slippers, Lillie has been a cookie monster for a long time.
Learning to read.  Lillie enjoyed reading to her dolls and stuffed toys.  She is a very good reader today.  In fact, her big birthday present was a Kindle Reader...I kind of think she will use it for movies and apps, but reading works.
A birthday party from back in Kindergarten!  Friday she will have few friends over for an overnight party.  Emma (on the left) will be here.  Lillie is second from the left in this pic.
Her first picture as an eleven year old!  Yup, this is my desk at work.  Lillie didn't mind hanging out this morning for a little while.
Johnny Rockets for her birthday dinner!  Yum!  Great choice Lillie.
Then to Baskin Robins for an ice-cream birthday cake.  Us Slanes do enjoy a little potty humor.  And this ice-cream cake log was tasty!  Sorry for the crappy joke.  I'll nip this off about now.  Sorry Maren.  It's times like this she is happy she kept her last name:)
A happy eleven year old.  With a twelve year old cat!  That's right, Joe and Ranger turned twelve yesterday.  Happy Birthday cats!  Lillie will be very happy I mentioned the cats in her birthday blog.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Who Are You?

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

I was thinking of posting this blog tomorrow morning, but tomorrow morning is someone's 11th birthday, so here is a hurried evening blog.

Today was my school's Dr. Suess celebration!  I think this is the 6th year I've dressed up as the Cat In The Hat for this celebration.  I even gave the kids a sneak peak at school today.
I wore this cool sweatshirt all day at school.  I joked with the students that I was morphing into the Cat In The Hat.
Fully morphed and standing in front of the cool quilt that was the backdrop for pictures.
Before all the kids showed up I enjoyed goofing off with some of my co-workers.  Here the Cat is taking a selfie with Mrs. Radford (Preston's second grade teacher).  You can kind of see my new glasses here.  They feel so big!  I can see so well that I don't even care.  Besides, Lillie picked them out and all the kids think they look better than the small little frames I've been wearing.  Win/Win.
This is a local Librarian providing a story time for kids attending the celebration.  The crowd was just perfect for this event.  Plenty crowed, but not so crowed that you couldn't move.  There were arts and crafts, games, and all kinds of fun.  I thought it went very well.
Yes, even green eggs and ham.  A different slant on green eggs this year.  Green deviled eggs.  I enjoyed an egg or two, but I will admit, first glance was a bit of a grimace.  Seems that with deviled eggs, you either love them or hate them, not much middle ground here.  I hear the staff will be having egg salad sandwiches tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Cup Of Cheese.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

In the busy world that is our lives, I didn't realize until today around 1:00pm that it was Oscar day.  What does Oscar day look like at our house?  Well, Maren has made it an event...much like the Superbowl.  While no show can ever top this last Superbowl, this was a good Oscars.
I helped the fun by making two sets of card designed to hold up as to rate the folks on the Red Carpet.  Yes, the Red Carpet starts early.  After about an hour of the Red Carpet show, I had to get out of the house:)  I picked up my new glasses and some wine for Maren.  I did make it home in time for the actual show.
Maren and Lillie getting ready.  What Maren does is watch the TV with one eye while following Twitter with her other eye.  Maren does have some folks in her Twitter feed that had some seriously funny things to say about this year's show.
I did enjoy watching this year.  Ellen was great.  This selfie thing is fun.  I took a selfie of my new glasses, but no...we will have to try a different photo to show you some other time.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 01, 2014


Good evening, it is Saturday.

Today was Lillie's first ever day of selling Girl Scouts cookies at a store.  You know how it is, you go to a store and cute little kids are offering cookies for sale...well, these two may have overdone it just a bit:
These two (Lillie on the left) are showing off their box skirts!  Yeah, don't ask me:)  Two hours later, they were done.  As in done.
In between snow and sleet showers I brought Hansen out to get his hair cut and shoot his new arrows at the range.  One nice thing about archery is that you need to be able to see...and if your hair is in your eyes, you need it trimmed.  Yes, this picture is taken after the haircut!  The new arrows and sight made a very big difference!
What are these two doing?  Yup, taking a pictures of the cat with their phones!  Preston flipped his blanket off when getting up from the couch and it covered up the cat up to its ears.  I guess it is all too cute?!?
Friday was ASB sponsored "twin day" at my school.  A student finds a friend to dress like and they are twins for the day.  Mr. Lanza and I decided to both wear jeans and a white KL sweatshirt.  The kids can't tell us apart anyway, this really confused them.

See you tomorrow.