Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Undercover Slanes

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Preston's friend sent him the following picture.  The story (that I heard) goes, they were just watching back episodes of Undercover Boss and paused on the kid in the Barcelona jersey because Barcelona is awesome...and it was Preston!
Do you see Preston, Maren, Lillie, and half of me in the background?  Yes!  This is a photo of a TV screen.  Four years ago at Great Wolf Lodge!  We were on Undercover Boss.  We are only around for a few minutes and only in the background, but there we are.  Season 2, episode 2.  We knew they were filming something and had to sign waivers out front, but never knew what became of it.  Four years later, SUPERSTARS!
Yesterday I got the privilege of attending Lillie's parent/teacher conference.  I say privilege because it is always great to hear a teacher give such high praise to your kiddo.  Nice job Lillie!  She got to buy a couple of books from the book fair.  She chose a couple of fun books on cooking and friends, and the above book mark.  I was cracking up because this kitty bookmark (with moving goldfish) cost the same as the three Tebow books together.  And yes, Lillie chose the book mark.  Of course, the way Denver played in the Super Bowl, I think they would have played better with Tebow being their quarterback over Peyton.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Wow, how cool to find out you were on TV! And looking good! If they ever start showing reruns of the Nationwide Tour, we were at the Miccosukee Championship in 2006 and were on TV.

We're proud of Lillie for doing so well in school - way to go!