Saturday, February 01, 2014

Superbowl Safari Champs!

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Hansen and I just got back from a super bowl archery tournament.  Today is the day there are lots of "Super Bowl" events.  Oh yeah, the Super Bowl is tomorrow!

This is a flyer from the event we shot in.  The weather turned out great, probably 40 degrees and no rain!
We shot with a schoolmate of Hansen's.  Here Hansen and Sydney are shooting from about 40 yards.
Yup, first place medals around.  For the kids that is.  I was far from first.  Sydney's dad shoots in the professional division and had a personal best today.  He was shooting with other professionals, so we didn't get to see that.  Although, the two shooters shown above are very impressive in their own rights.  Like her dad, Sydney is a very good shot.  If I'm not mistaken, Hansen owes her a cookie on Monday thanks to a friendly bet.
Back to the football super bowl.  This is a window at my school decorated in fine Seahawks fashion.
Friday was "hat day" at my school.  I wore Preston's Seahawks hard hat that he got several years ago from Uncle Corey.  A 6th grader wore his SpongeBob hat, and we decided to have SpongeBob wear the Seahawks hat for a quick picture.  Yes, there was some learning going on!  Speaking of Preston, today he had a soccer game and scored a "hat trick"...yup, three goals for Preston today!  Not to be left out, Lillie is at an 80's themed birthday party through tomorrow.  I think it is rollerskating and swimming for the retro kids.  And lastly, Maren got her hair cut yesterday.  It is short!  It's taken a day for it to "grow"on me, but I like it!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

We're looking forward to seeing a picture of Maren's new haircut!

Bernice said...

It's "tomorrow" and I have been
watching the super bowl, and it's the fourth quarter, and your team is blowing away Denver. It is obvious you will be celebrating!!!